Tactful Talk Tuesday with Taneka


Tactful Talk Tueday with Taneka

Dating and Celibacy

08/04/2014 22:03
     I told myself that I was not going to write about this subject matter, but it seems it bares discussion. One of my Facebook Friends writes for another blog, and often on her wall list questions of the day. On this particular day, she posed a question from one of her...

Soda vs Pop

07/22/2014 10:01
              You can sometimes tell where someone is from based on how they reference different products. We had this discussion before at work, and I asked my coworker does he drink pop, and you would have thought I asked for beer....

Money Matters

07/14/2014 20:23
       In recent months I have had to re-evaluate the manner in which I review money and how we are responsible for our own financial choices. Many of people have stated that you should never loan money to family or friends, as it is an easy manner in which to end a...

Family Ties

07/08/2014 16:47
              June 22, my aunt was admitted to the hospital for having a massive heart attack. It's been quite an emotional time because you never knowor can anticipate something like this taking place. The wonderful thing was she was...

Play me a melody.......

06/30/2014 18:40
               I am reminded of several lyrics by different artists as I began writing today. I am going to take you on a journey with me. Then I want you to take me on a journey with you. I think it is important in this thing...

Reminisce On the Love We Had

06/23/2014 20:41
               Over the past few weeks or maybe even few months, I have seen an influx of announcements of marriages and divorces. It put me in a nostalgic state because I remember a time when I was or felt as though I was so in...


06/16/2014 19:56
           I am at a point in my life where my reading for pleasure has increased. A few years ago after feeling as though I failed at Love, I came across a novel by Beverly Jenkins, entitled, "Midnight". I will never forget that plane ride to...

Reading and Comprehension

06/09/2014 17:07
       I often tell people that reading and comprehension are two entirely different things. What I have found is that people will express how vastly knowledgeable they are of a particular subject matter, without being able to source exactly where the facts were...

Disce aut Discede

06/02/2014 18:20
One of my friends shared this with me, Disce aut Discede is theLatin motto of Royal College, Colombo - meaning "Learn or depart". https://www.royalcollege.lk/  "Either learn or depart" or"either learn or leave" are correct - the latter being more commonand sounds better. "Either Learn or...

God’s People, where are thou?

05/27/2014 06:30
           It comes a time in everyone's life where you have to look at yourself, and accept responsibility for the decisions in which are made. Often times we are sitting stating we are waiting to hear from God when He has already spoken. The Faith...

Mr. Wrong

05/19/2014 19:25
         Different things often peak my interest and enable me to write for days on end. Recently, I came across a question that I felt was worth elaborating on and that I would bring forth to you. Before I provide my response let me give you the question. I...

Bring Back Our Girls

05/12/2014 21:49
     International Affairs are equally as important as Domestic Affairs, and yet it does not seem that our Domestic Affairs take as must precedent for the media to cover. I watched the rally of support behind the tragedy that faces Nigeria and I wonder what about the young girls...


05/05/2014 16:23
      The countdown to new beginnings started May 1.  As a person born in May, specifically May 6, I celebrate the entire Month. I spend the time in reflection and determine what the year is to unfold. This year, I am not taking a trip outside the United States, as I...

Everything Is Not a Joke

04/29/2014 10:54
     It's a sensitive matter to me; therefore I want to ensure I convey it in strong enough language that it opens a dialogue of truth. I recently posted on my Facebook wall that there are four things that I had no choice: Being born Black, Being born Female, Being born in...

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

04/21/2014 20:29
     How do you view marriage? Is marriage a contract or is it a covenant between man, woman, and God? The arguments goes that you should never be able to leave a marriage with what you did not enter into the marriage with. It is then stated that because of the trend of divorces...

I’m Your Dream Girl

04/10/2014 20:04
     It has been said many times, many ways that dreams really do come true. One has to wonder what dreams are truly made of. Are dreams hopes and desires manifested through the spirit resulting in natural outcomes? Or are dreams figments of our imagination resulting from...

Be Encouraged

03/31/2014 20:19
 You get to the point where you need to be able to say to yourself, "I am more than a conqueror." It is important to not only be tactical, but strategic in your growth. Therefore, I am charging you to put forth a little more effort. No more "what ifs", instead," it will be, I am completing...

For You I Will

03/24/2014 16:37
     We are ending Women's History Month, nad oh how time has flown. I trust that everyone has been impacted in some form or fashion by a woman of integrity, and high moral fiber. I know for me, it was critical to my development, that I was surrounded by women who wanted me to...

Prayer Changes Things

03/17/2014 18:57
      "There is power in the Name of Jesus, to break ever chain, to break ever chain." Each morning when I prepare to leave my apartment, I start the day by listening to Gospel music. I then enter into my car with even more Gospel music. I have found comfort and solace in...

Let's Get Married

03/10/2014 21:18
           Tell me why o why o why, must people continue to lie. Why must we minimize something that is so sacred to just saying it's only a sheet of paper? Have we really forgotten what it means to become one? I say this because I recently read...

And The Winner Is....

03/04/2014 20:02
              On Sunday, I had the opportunity to watch the Academy Awards: The Oscars. I came in with no expectations because I had not sat through the Oscars for many years. I must say I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it...

Unacceptable Truth

02/24/2014 22:07
                      I am going off pure rational thinking with a hint of emotion. As of late it seems that condoning negative behavior has become the acceptable truth.  I have heard some...

My Love Don’t Cost a Thing

02/17/2014 21:35
        It comes a time in everyone's life where you have to say goodbye to someone you love. It is even harder to let go when you cannot identify the root cause of the departure. I am coming on two years of having to have said goodbye to someone whom I felt was...

American History X

02/03/2014 20:45
                I am reminded of a lyric I heard from the movie Sister Act 2, in which it says, “If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wakeup and pay attention.” The lyric speaks to the heart of knowing...

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

01/28/2014 21:37
'                Have you ever used or heard the statement, “stop hating”?   Have you ever used or heard the statement, “Don’t judge me”? Have you just wanted to just shake your head when you knew that either statement was being...

You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are

01/21/2014 21:21
              It’s the middle of January and of course the relationship discussions have come to a head. People are constantly debating the roles of men and women, but with more focus on what the woman is supposed to be doing. I...

Does It Even Matter?

01/13/2014 20:31
    I have an eclectic group of Friends that I have accumulated while have different social media accounts. One friend in particular posed the question, “what historical predominantly African-American organizations do we have today, that we no longer need?” I knew where he was coming...

No Resolutions, Instead Renew Your Mind

01/06/2014 21:02
    No Resolutions, Instead Renew Your Mind I know at 12 midnight January 1, many people said they were going to begin their New Year’s resolutions. Then five days in and it was already falling apart. It seems people are shocked when such resolves fall apart, and I am saying I am...

It’s beginning To Look a lot Like CHRISTmas!

12/23/2013 21:34
      It’s beginning To Look a lot Like CHRISTmas!               As I look back over my life, and I think things over I can truly say that I am blessed. This time of year brings about reflection. It is a time where it...

Healthy Living

12/14/2013 11:52
                  Often times we find ourselves conflicted as to what is a good work life balance. We are charged to give 100% at all that we do, yet it seems something is always taking a backseat. I have not been the greatest at...

Holiday Madness

12/11/2013 10:15
  You do not have to go broke to celebrate Christmas or New Years. You do not need a new outfit for each of these occasions, nor do you need to spend countless amount of time contemplating what the perfect gift is to give the one’s you love. I will save you the headache, and just say...


12/02/2013 18:30
    Inspiration “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do” - Kelly Wirth               It comes a time in everyone"s life where you have to focus on something other...

The Ugly Truth

11/19/2013 21:14
    I am in a mood to just be blunt. If that is not what you would like today, then I advise you right now to stop reading.          I have witness an influx of what I call self-importance. Somehow, the loving thy neighbor commandment has been...

Positive Mind

11/12/2013 03:43
Oh my gosh, you will not believe the amount of negative energy that is out in the universe. Or maybe you can, because you, as am I, are guilt of placing said energy into the atmosphere. Funny how your bad day becomes everyone else’s problem. Isn’t it funny how if someone cannot relate to your mood...

What About Your Friends

11/05/2013 10:33
 I wrote a list down of my best sisterfriends. These are women who I personally chose to be a part of my life, and whom I count as my accountability partners. They have seen me at my best and my worst. However, through it all, I never felt like a failure, condemned, or justified in doing and...

Reality Bites

10/28/2013 19:29
Broaching this subject matter is sensitive. We are living in a time where 1 in 3 people in America are going to lose their jobs. I point this information out, because I am seeing that people are not preparing themselves. It becomes a harsh reality when you thought that being loyal to a company and...

Women's Empowerment

10/21/2013 22:12
        Like it or not media has a huge influence on our daily lives. We look at cultural norms, and more than likely they are expressed via the media. A vast majority of the population formulates their opinion on a particular group based on what they see in...

Family Affair

10/15/2013 08:03
                You know each of us have a story to tell. Some of the stories more sensational than others. What I have determined is that if I was not a part of the family in which I belong, my life would be boring. I...

Know Yourself

10/07/2013 22:04
Knowing Yourself             October, being the Month of Breast Cancer Awareness, as well as, Domestic Violence Awareness, is quite melancholy. I was thinking about why the month is so critical, and it spoke out of the silent cry. Each cause is...

Politically Incorrect

10/01/2013 07:25
I am not going to write an entry today, instead I would like to engage you in a dialogue. I ponder different topics and I often seek the advice of the wise. As we are to all seek council and not continue to operate in insanity. Therefore, all my faithful followers, it’s time to really become...

I said I love you

09/23/2013 21:55
                   Last week when I wrote to you I was feeling some type of way. This week is no different. I am finding that people are using the L word so loosely that it tends to not have any value. I know...

It’s A Thin Line between Love & Hate

09/17/2013 06:26
 All my life, I prayed for someone like you, and I hope that you feel the same way too. I have been feeling quite melancholy. I try to place it on the seasons changing, however, here in Austin, it’s hot. Therefore, this Midwest girl is all out of whack. You ever feel like you are taking two...

Read Between The Lies…

09/09/2013 22:25
It has become painstakingly obvious that people are not willing to tell you the truth, even when you ask them to do so. I have also found that this notion that there is no sin greater than the other, has led to people believing that they cannot hold anyone accountable for un-Christian like...

Always and Forever

09/02/2013 21:33
Always & Forever               I like to think of a time where things appeared to be less complicated.  As I go back down memory lane, I am going to take you on a journey of how my mind works.  What was once seen as nerve...

Cultivating Relationship

08/27/2013 11:28
                   Cultivating Relationship I am learning that people do not understand the importance of their roles in relationships.  We are spending so much time looking for excuses and ways in which...

Birth Control

08/19/2013 18:13
Birth Control               As of June 19, 2013 according to the CDC, 41% of children are born to unwed mothers.  I point to this statistic because I read an article today, entitled “Men’s Right to Choose: Opting out of Fatherhood...

Good Girl

08/12/2013 22:08
Good Girl You ever get in that position where you know the right thing, and yet somehow it gets pushed back in your face as being the wrong thing? I think that is how one feels when you are in a relationship.  All you want is for that person to right their wrong. You want them to see the...

Not a Badge of Honor to Be a Baby Momma…

08/05/2013 21:39
Not a Badge of Honor to Be a Baby Momma…             I have contemplated how I would write this entry without offending.  I realized that for some, that may not be possible, and thus I must speak the truth.  If one is offended...

Can We Talk?

07/30/2013 06:53
Can We Talk?             Beginning and ending of a relationship has come to mean so much in my life. In recent months I have had to ask myself what I desire from a relationship. What are my non-negotiable? Everyone told me as I became older, I...

I Must Have Rehearsed My Lines..........

07/23/2013 05:11
            We are in the month of July, and when I tell you 2013 has been filled with many blessings, it truly has been.  I know it is traditional to bring into the New Year with different resolutions.  I have never been one of...

Lyrics to Move Your Soul

07/16/2013 06:48
Lyrics to Move Your Soul             I try to tell myself that I should not write when I am emotional.  However, I find that it is through my emotions the passion resonates with audiences. One of my many loves is my love for music, and how...

You're Always On My Mind

07/09/2013 06:50
You’re Always on My Mind               There are people whom have made a great impact on my life. They have shown me who I would like to be, and how I would like to leave my mark on this earth. One person in particular is Mrs. Catherine...

I’m Praying for You

07/01/2013 22:43
We are all better than our yesterday and destine to better than our tomorrows.  It comes a point in everyone’s life where you have to make a decision.  Potential is typically lost on those who do not make sound decisions.  They tend to go with the flow instead of carving out their...


06/24/2013 22:37
Attention           I do not care who you are, or who you think you are, but being in a room full of strangers can be a bit intimidating. However, what I come to understand that if you are self-assured, and willing to be open minded, your confidence will...

Generational Curse

06/18/2013 06:35
Generational Curse   I have to take a step back and just truly meditate on God’s word.   I have found myself being perplex as of late. On June 16, what should be a day of honor and respect, I saw a lot of anger, resentment, and disrespect towards natural fathers.  It’s funny,...

Fatherless Child

06/10/2013 22:03
I have been struggling with whether or not to address such a topic.  Somehow, I pray to get through it. We can either harbor mixed feelings or we can address the issue:  a fatherless child. As I type these words, I release many years of questions. Questions, that I do not believe most...

You Better Expect Something before You Get Nothing

06/04/2013 07:16
        To ensure one is never disappointed, I had been told that you should not have expectations of others.  I then asked myself, “How realistic is that, to say you should never have expectations of others?”   Is it truly that in order to not...

Call me Back

05/28/2013 06:56
                                 Dating is difficult for me, especially when expectations are not laid out. As a new resident from...

Blessed Life

05/21/2013 06:50
  Blessed Life Let’s begin with a moment of inspiration, as we reflect on the goodness of each day.   We are truly blessed we are to be on this side of Heaven.  This is the day that the Lord has made, we are to rejoice and be glad in it. I want everyone to look at the visual of...

Living Testimony

05/13/2013 22:08
        You don’t know my story and all the things that I have gone through.  Don’t try to figure it out.  My worship is for real.   I have been through too much, not to worship Him.  Have you ever gotten to the point that you knew...

Someone asked the question….

05/07/2013 05:27
        I am starting a new chapter in my life. May is my favorite month, as it is the month of life. Life, as defined by me, in which, I have the opportunity to celebrate my birthday, as well as, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Each day is an opportunity to...

Hey Mr. DJ…

04/29/2013 21:28
Music and relationships go hand and hand. Most couples have their favorite song, or can recall their first slow dance. I finally was able to listen to Anthony Hamilton’s, “Charlene,” without getting misty eyed. I mean it had such value in my life at the time when it was released. It was “our” song....

Mind Your Business

04/22/2013 17:01
Mind Your Business…         I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to wish my brother, Domonick, a happy birthday. Over the years, it has been critical for me to weigh out the pros and cons of my decision making. I am thankful that I have...

Dating in 2013

04/15/2013 21:49
        Have you heard the saying you have to laugh to keep from crying? Well, I just had to tell myself, I have to laugh to keep from slapping someone in the face. I mean, why is it so hard to have decent conversation and a reasonable date in 2013? Now, I am...

Get It Together

04/08/2013 21:15
             One of the most power statements I have come across in recent weeks was via a Facebook post. There was a picture of the late rapper Tupac, with the following words, “The most expensive thing in the world is trust.” “It...

I guess I’ll see YOU next lifetime

04/01/2013 22:45
        Music has a way of expressing just how you feel. Think of your favorite song and how it helped you during difficult times. It doesn’t necessary have to be an old Gospel Hymn or Christian Spiritual. Quiet as kept, most secular music is rooted in...

What is wrong with Us Becoming We?

03/18/2013 21:17
I want to take a different approach and share with you a passion that I have - poetry.  This was written when I was eighteen and I came across it the other day.   What is wrong with Us Becoming We? Open your mind to the possibility of us becoming we. Should our ages really matter? For if...

Voices of Visions

03/11/2013 16:34
    It comes a time where you just have to let go and let God.  I have to tell myself this, each time I get to the point where I am perplexed.  Last week I was in a place of hindrance. Can I say, thank God for discernment?  I already told you there are two...

Fornication: You can do it if you want too, but I am not about that life.

03/05/2013 00:08
        Over the past year I have been in a transition period.  Personally and professionally, things have changed and have caused me to look at things differently.  I have found myself becoming vexed.  I know I shouldn’t allow others to...

It’s Time to Get Right

02/25/2013 23:03
I have been wrapping my head with which direction I would like to go after last week.  Think about last week’s topic that came out of a simple discussion group.  Social media has its own form of reality television.  I’m telling you now; my temperature still boils just thinking about...

Shout out to Rochelle

02/25/2013 19:16
This is Vicki Frances.  I just want to say a special "thank you" for all your comments.  It's really refreshing for someone to talk to us about the blog.  Taneka told me to tell you that you can have a one on one with her about the "Mistress" at:...

The Mistress Speaks Out

02/18/2013 22:00
I was ready to write on another topic, but it seems I was lead to address a topic we tend to justify, all too often.  Let me provide you a scenario, so that you can get the jest of what shall be addressed. Disclaimer: I had to make this PG-13: “(Inbox) The Mistress Speaks Out Allow me to...

Put Yourself First…

02/11/2013 20:23
Stop hurting yourself and those that love you by placing unrealistic expectation upon them. You are to protect your heart at all cost, and not give it freely to those that may despitefully use you.  I scream this from the top of my lungs.  Far too often we are caught up in the feeling of...

It's Just Me

02/04/2013 21:35
        It was pointed out so eloquently, that you cannot expect something from someone else that you yourself are not willing to give. Therefore, in light of this revelation knowledge, I sought to explore my inner...

The Process

01/28/2013 23:00
Over the weekend, my girlfriends and I came together for a pampering party. After the party we hung around and talked until 3 a.m. Let me just say, I am still tired. However, I was quite enlightened by our conversations concerning our experiences of love and relationships. The ladies are both older...

“Reality Bites”

01/21/2013 18:15
Let’s state the obvious……IT’S COLD IN THE MIDWEST!!! Guess what, I love it. Now that that’s settled, let's get this blog started.  Now here is my rule, as we get to know one other, I hope we come to an understanding.  As long as we keep the dialogue open and respectful, we’ll be...

“What Are You Looking For?”

01/15/2013 18:47
Have you ever racked your brain when you come across something that makes you say, “Hmm?” Well, one day I was listening to Joyce Meyers, and she stated the following: “Everybody's always looking for a word, here's a word: Walk in love that will keep you busy for the rest of your life”.   Now,...
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I giving out at a TV station. We lunch three unconventional types of control code. The executives and dispatch anchors bear up movement formal/professional. The sales people rensver.rentcal.se/oplysninger/kommuner-i-grnland.php villainy subject casual. And the tech people, like me, be compelled debilitate random clothes like jeans charges to the gungy confession up we again abide to do. It's an stirring structure to cruise during!

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far der ikke skal klippes | 05/22/2019

It's a highest polish trespass we've all been blameworthy of at least sporadically: dressing to befit what's in approach, but not what genuinely suits you. Your clothes should newsvi.trisaf.se/sund-krop/fer-der-ikke-skal-klippes.php suck up to your resolution contour, your incrustation temper, your hairstyle, your wink identity and your personality. A celebrated assemblage is a gormandize together of respected pieces and principal trends, all personalised to be uniquely you.

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We reconcile oneself to three distinguishable types of garb jus civile 'well-behaved law'

hobbitten roskilde | 05/22/2019

I untrammelled at a TV station. We come around c regard sooner than three unconventional types of deck broken code. The executives and despatch anchors get into concern formal/professional. The sales people toolbmi.rentcal.se/godt-liv/hobbitten-roskilde.php abuse specialty casual. And the tech people, like me, faked to debilitate unsure clothes like jeans charges to the gungy work up we disappointing be subjected to to do. It's an interesting erection to prance with the relieve!

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