We Live

06/04/2014 21:53

We live for acceptance and the promises of a new day

We live to hear "Congratulations" and "I knew you
could do it, dear"

We live for approval, and we live for no regrets

But at the end of the day

The only thing we're guaranteed is that God loves us

Nine months in a womb

To be crafted and made

When the Earth only took seven days

And to have his breath in us everyday

And his spirit to guide our walks

And his eyes gaze on us

And then to be taken and live with him

It's the best approval I could think of yet

To walk by a grace that no other can compare

And to know the love is unconditional

As long as I love him

And as long as I accept him

I will forever be covered in the blood of my Savior

And accepted for who I am

And God's love is the only acceptance I need

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