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03/11/2013 16:34

    It comes a time where you just have to let go and let God.  I have to tell myself this, each time I get to the point where I am perplexed.  Last week I was in a place of hindrance. Can I say, thank God for discernment?  I already told you there are two versions of Taneka, the business Taneka and the social Taneka.  Last week, and also the week before, I was reminded of the third version of Taneka; human Taneka.  I talk to myself and sometimes I even answer myself back.  It’s not crazy.  I know you are saying that to yourself, but if we we’re all honest, we all do it.   When I answer myself back, I give that voice another name. You know why?  Often times we have the answer right in front of us, but receive it better from another person.  I submit to you, everything you need and desire is already inside of you.  You have to let it out.  You know sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. Often things are dropped on your lap, and you have to address them head on.


    I realize more than ever that my voice carries a weight that others may not understand.  Yet, it’s one that needs to be heard. The internal struggle of what to share and what not to share is always heavy. Not because I have something to hide, but more so of how it will be received.  I was reminded of a song by Betty Wright, the lyric goes something like this, “You probably done the same thing too, it’s just that you know me and I don’t know you.”  I chuckle just thinking of the songs that recently come into my remembrance, and how it have truly gotten me over.  I leave you with the following thoughts.


    No woman can define who she is in the eyes of a man. She can only define who she is in the eyes of herself. Once a woman appreciates her worth, she does not need to be loud and boastful of her expectations.  As her spirit will attract what and who she desires, it will manifest in her space.


    No man can define who he is in the eyes of a woman. He can only define who he is in the eyes of himself. Once a man accepts who he is and what he has to offer, he does not need to marginalize. He will understand that on any man confidence is sexy.


    Therefore societal norms will never be fair for men and women.  Relationship help books will never help your relationship, if you do not desire to put for the work and communicate. Financial security and independence will never happen for you, if you continue to spend every dime you have on every wish factor that comes across your desk.


As the line if Sister Act goes, “if you want to be somebody, and you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention”.  

Voices of Visions

re: Taneka

03/13/2013 08:56
Thank you Sis Naomi. You know the title came from as song. :-)


03/12/2013 23:27
Good stuff "Voices of Vision" very catchy title. ~Naomi

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