This is Taneka

02/28/2013 09:01

I want to thank the contributors to this discussion.  I am not all knowing and it’s good to hear from others. Joseph, I think you may have been deceived. In my world, darkest and light do not go together. Therefore, the message and the messenger do not go together. Leading to this fact of why I cannot receive this message from the messenger. We have to look at intent.  When someone provides information, we ask what their motivation is. Are they seeking to empower, uplift or are they seeking to destroy. I conclude that the messenger was seeking to destroy. Henceforth, I cannot ride with her.

As for the other two posters, I had to smile when I saw your post. I want us as women to actively engage one another. Empower one another. We can call a spade a spade without being jaded. My human side would love to smack the taste out of the woman and the man, however, I look at this situation and I see sadness. I believe no one is winning in this situation. In relationships we must communicate. If we do not, we allow for all types of things to enter into our relationships. We must be active listeners, to engage in the communication process.  We should be able to know via verbal and non-verbal cues when something is not quite right. If we ignore our problems they will only get worst.

Therefore, I conclude to everyone, we know that relationships can be a challenge. However, if you are willing to work at it and give your all, I am under the belief that the reward will be so plentiful.

Love you all and keep on writing and supporting.