The Body of Christ

12/10/2012 07:54

1 Corinthians 12:27 (

New International Version (NIV)


27 Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.

Romans 15:1-2

The Message (MSG)

15 1-2 Those of us who are strong and able in the faith need to step in and lend a hand to those who falter, and not just do what is most convenient for us. Strength is for service, not status. Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?”

It is interesting when you think about the body.  The body move and works in harmony with no division or competition.  When the body is attacked the body works in harmony to defend itself.   For example, if a ball is headed  in full forces toward your body, the hands or body will take the defensive position, to protect it from har.  When the body is sick, it fight its way to health.  Finally, when the body hurts it nurtures the pain.  I heard a preacher preach about the body, and said that even the smallest part of the human body is significant.  He gave the example of stubbing a pinky toe.  How the body bends down and the hands rush to aid the pain.  Then as the body walk, it adjusts it's movement to take care of the one of the smallest parts of the body. Hmmm....

Yesterday was a moving day for me.  After church, I went to a benefit concert in support of a brother that needed help.  What was so fabulous was how the body of Christ came to the aid of this brother and his family.  It showed me how so connected we really are.  If one of us hurt and needs help, we should run to the aid, build of faith, and provide the need.  We should "adjust" ourselves until that part of the body of Christ can function again.  It is our job. So if someone you know in the body could use a little help, adjust yourself, pray, build of their faith, and help the burden of that brother and sister in Christ.  Have a fabulous day.