The best gift in a peculiar way

12/27/2012 09:14


Hey there!!! Sorry I didn't write yesterday. EXTREMELY EXHAUSTED. I will promise to do better in the future, but I have an interesting story I would love to tell you....

This year on the 24th of December was rough. I knew the anniversary of M & M's death was coming, but I was going to be brave and not dwell on it. Well, of course, I lost the battle. I can't tell you how it happened but I was doing some last minute grocery shopping. I was a little snappy for the last couple of days but I was trying to shake it off. I stopped at Walgreens, and they played the song "I'll be home for Christmas" and that did me in. I cried for about an hour because I realized M&M would always call on Christmas Eve on his way to his family's house ever since we were 18 years old....That was 1 call I would expect all the time. I took it in stride last year but this year was hard for some reason. I got through it with my sister's help and started to cook.

Christmas Day was different because our family’s big celebration is usually Thanksgiving, but my sister couldn't be here so we chose Christmas. Everyone was already here that we expected. In the middle of eating we had unexpected guests to arrive. My cousins from Arizona, her grandkids and their mother, and my other baby cousin came through. Now what's so special about these grandkids were they were my cousin Andre's daughters. You see Andre was killed almost 9 years ago and we haven't seen his kids that long.

God is so awesome right here in this part of the story.  We were all young when “Dre” was killed and we didn’t know the mother to well, we only met her once.  We never kept up with them, only through our Cousin, their grandmother.  That’s horrible, but we discuss maybe in another blog later.  The “gift” was his daughters.  I haven’t seen Dre’s face in about 9 years, but God allow me to see his distinct eyes, his smile, the way he talked, and even his disposition in his daughters.  I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I saw his beautiful daughters.  God is awesome in that way.  For that moment we saw Dre again living on in his daughters.  That was a Merry Christmas.

Be Fabulous and Be Blessed.