Thanking God for New Normals by Minister Darryl Scarbrough

12/01/2013 17:05

There are seasons in life in which life drastically shifts.  We expect life to stick to this linear plan.  Then suddenly life skips a,b,c and zig zags to q.  In our amazement, and to some degree shock, we search for reasons and answers:

  Why did this happen?

 What could I have done to prevent it?

 Why me?

Two questions become paramount, one is the question of:  "What do I do now?"  and  "Can this be changed?"  

The plain but painful reality is that it cannot be changed.  As this settles in, this becomes the answer to the last question of what now.  Now, we welcome and accept the new normal of our lives.  Many holidays mark times of extreme joy or sadness, very often it is the shift from joy to sadness that we struggle with. However, this is something that should be embraced and not rejected.  

Over the course of life many times the pains we carry become so much a part of us that they are normal to us.  Normal to argue with a spouse, normal to have children that are in trouble, normal to be broke, normal to be depressed.  These are the things that become normal to us ,but according to God's will these things are not normal.  God does us a favor by allowing situations to come in our lives that mentally, emotionally, and spiritually wipe the slate clean.  Often this 'wiping' seems painful, but it only seems that way because it changes what we have known to be normal.  Yet, God has a 'new normal' for us that even though it seems hard up front, it blesses us in the long run.  

Whatever the adjustment is that you have to make and/or have experienced, don't push back or reject it but trust God's sovereignty and embrace the opportunity for the gift of a new normal.   


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04/29/2014 11:08
Thanks be to GOD for your sermon today that is exactly how we as Christian live our lives according to his will. May GOD continue to keep you. Your sister in CHRIST.


12/02/2013 20:12
    Thanks for reminding me that Gods plans are so much better than mine. I'm letting go of the past. Thanks  


12/02/2013 09:56
   We all experience pain defeat loss doubt I.e. New normals. May I/we embrace my /our new normal with the assurance that God is right there in the midst of it all..Thanks Reverend :)