Step: 4 Do Something Different

12/04/2012 05:26

Matthew 5:13 (Coutesy of

Common English Bible (CEB)


Salt and light

13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its saltiness, how will it become salty again? It’s good for nothing except to be thrown away and trampled under people’s feet.

        It’s amazing, when you think about it, how we do the same thing annually every year.  For example, M&M and I would go see the lights after Christmas every year.  During the summer it was Six Flags, circus, and concerts. We never veered too much off the path of our annual outings, doing the same thing all the time.  When I think about it, it was just life.  Nothing too much changed.  Oftentimes, we discussed doing something different, but never got to it.  We would say “someday” and move on with life as usual.  After his death it felt “strange”, because when I walked this journey alone, I really didn’t want to do those things anymore or do them the same way.  Not putting M&M down or anything, I enjoyed our outings and moments together.  I just never thought of doing anything else…

            Why is that?  Are we really comfortable with doing the same thing year after year?  Why do we put off trying new things?  My philosophy is that doing the same things creates comfort, but changing is a mystery.  Questions and thoughts may pop up in our heads: “What if I don’t like that?” “ I don’t want to waste money.”  “I don’t know that area.”  “What would people think?”  Don’t feel bad or beat yourself up, I had the same questions when I started my journey.  The answer is simple….FEAR.  So today I beg you to try something different.  Here are some ways to begin:

1.  Restaurants…you know that restaurant you have been eyeing for a minute, and you say to yourself, “someday I am going to stop by there”.  Stop and go!!

2.  The new entrée at the restaurant where you eat the same thing all the time.  Eat something different.

3.  The concert in a different city that’s not too far from you …..go.

4. The new look you want to try, go to the store and try it on.

5.  You want to go back to school, find the school and apply.

6.  The book you want to write.  Take out your pen, paper, laptop, typewriter, or whatever and start writing.

7.  Audition for that play.

8.  Take that class to enhance yourself.

9.  Start that new exercise that’s all the rave.

10.  Start a blog!!!  I did…

    The scripture urges us to be the Salt of the earth, please don’t let your life become bland. Go and find your salt. Go and season things up a bit.