Soda vs Pop

07/22/2014 10:01


            You can sometimes tell where someone is from based on how they reference different products. We had this discussion before at work, and I asked my coworker does he drink pop, and you would have thought I asked for beer. He was like, pop, no, you mean soda.

            I had to take a step back because I am like soda, because you know where I am from, soda, is a generic pop from ALDI. So, never could I reference Pepsi or Coke as being a soda, when clearly soda is a generic. So of course I had to write about the topic, because I am thinking of what other things can be attributed to geographic locations and how they are described.

            Thus I am sending it up to my readers, as I need to be educated. What do you call it and why: Soda or Pop? 


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