Since the world didn't end....

12/21/2012 07:50

Since the world didn't end today, make it the best day you ever had.  Sorry, I haven't been myself lately....Much has happened and I will talk about that at  a later date.  But I will admit this...  Fabulous Things does work.  I have been to 5, yes 5, Christmas parties.  I have been invited to talk shows, join more clubs, and met more people than ever before.  My friends are starting to do Fabulous Things because of what has happened to me.  My life has changed for the better. 

With Christmas coming, and 1 week of us losing those precious babies and educators in Connecticut, let us first pray for those people as they celebrate this holiday with one missing, (been there before).  Let us walk in what God has called us to be, and let us enjoy the journey.  No man knows the day or the hour when their time is up.

Be Blessed