10/04/2013 07:44

How often do we go ahead, make moves, map and plan everything out saying to yourself “this makes sense, this is the best choice.”  How often after doing this do you really sit and listen to see if God is pleased by what you have done.? Many of us I believe want to live for God, and some even want to be used by God.  How can we are we going to be used by God if we are not sensitive to His voice?  We must first become sensitive to His voice whether God gives us a yes or a no with our decisions that we bring before Him.  In this life, walking with God we can never allow ourselves to get comfortable with what feels good to us; because that thing that feels good to us may not be pleasing to God.  You know those things that feel good to you, you know what you love to do that you just can’t get enough of, but we continue to say God knows my heart.  Everywhere in the Bible when the heart was addressed it was always addressed as an organ that constantly needs to be renewed and cleansed.  If this is the case we should strive to be sensitive to the spirit of God.  I believe that God is constantly tugging at us, but because He’s gentle and gives us free will and choice He allows us to go forth with what we want to do.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a relationship with anyone who feels they are forced to be with me.  That’s how God works, as we know; in this relationship with God it requires obedience.  Believe it or not, God has feelings and the last time I checked so do we.  Have you ever had a moment in life that you felt the hurt or disappointment of another person?  Better yet, you did something to someone and were deeply sorry about what occurred and you were sensitive to that persons feeling.  That sorrow that you caused a person and sensitivity that you showed should daily be practiced with God.  Become sensitive to the things of God, His feelings and input should be top priority. Spend more time with Him, He wants you to consider His feelings too.

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