01/23/2013 22:30

Ok, let me be the first to admit it.....I LOVE SCANDAL!!!! It is one of my favorite shows. I am also a part of a group on facebook called the Scandalholics!!! For which I love to admit I am. Last week, while talking with my friends online, a few post disturbed me. Some people were making comments about our conversations about Scandal. Some comments were stating that: "I wish people would talk about Jesus as much as they discuss Scandal" or "Would we really be glorifying these characters in real life?" "An adulterer, killer, con artist?"

I will state that I am a Christian; I am saved, and delivered from some of my issues. Daily, I am continuously growing to be more like Christ. I'll admit that on Thursday, I enjoy the fellowship of other believers watching a show that we all love together. It's one of the times that we can fellowship without making a call, visiting, and getting dress to go out and eat. We can be in the comfort of our homes and have a great fellowship online for 1 hour of the week. My question for today, and I would love feedback. Are we, being the body of Christ, supposed to watch these types of shows? Are we a poor witness?

Can't wait to hear from you.

Be Fabulous and Be Blessed

Topic: SCANDAL!!!!!


Angie | 01/26/2013

I believe that as Christians we should be more cognizant of what we watch or listen to. Remember the enemy will use any tool that is at his disposal to creep into our lives. A perfect example for me is that I was going through a very difficult time in my marriage and the song "Seperate" by Avant played endlessly in my head and that is excatly what happened. It was not that I had glorified this kind of music; I hadn't even heard the song in years. But it was a tool of the enemy...Now I am more aware of what I allow in my Spirit.

Re: Scandal

Vicki Frances | 01/27/2013

Thank you Angie for your response. I agree we should guard our hearts. Scandal is not the only thing we as Christians shouldn't watch. It was just interesting that this particular show has been an issue with other believers. I felt that shows like Sex and the City and the Sopranos to give an example did not provided "Godly" values as well, but people still watched these shows. Thanks for your posting. I do appreciate it.


Vicki Frances | 01/24/2013

I agree, I feel the same way.


Renee B | 01/24/2013

I find it entertainment, period. I don't "glorify" what is going on in the tv show. And enjoying suspense I don't have a problem with. I don't live my life as I see on tv, I wouldn't cheer on this behavior from people in REAL LIFE. I too am a Christian, and I do not feel this reduces my Christianity. Again, it is just entertainment, not lifestyle.

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