05/04/2014 21:24

Ok today has been kicking me in the butt for so many reasons!!!  I have had 3 confirmations on what I heard from the Lord to step out and do.  Have that ever happen to you?  You hear the Lord tell you numerous times and in numerous ways to step out of your comfort zone and walk by faith in whatever He has called you to do?  I, like many of the biblical heroes, have came up with sooooooooo many excuses. I say things like, "You want me to do this now?", "I am too old for that", "Do you know who I am and what I came from?", or excuses like Jonah, "I don't want to."  I am sooo guilty of a lot of these excuses.  Mainly because I do not want to take the risk.

Risk is defined as:

  • "risk
  • [ risk ]
    1. chance of something going wrong: the danger that injury, damage, or loss will occur
    2. hazard: somebody or something likely to cause injury, damage, or loss
    3. chance of loss to insurer: the probability of loss to an insurer, or the amount that an insurer is in danger of losing" (thanks Bing)

    You see those horrible words in this definition,  words like, "a chance of something going wrong, danger, loss, injury, damange, loss...."  Who wants to be bother with that?  Who wants to feel those things?  I know I sure don't!!

    But today we are starting a new series in our Bible Study with Priscilla Shirer "Gideon".  She made a comment that I will paraphrase.  She said she had a friend who was passionate about God, and her friend stated that we say prayers like this, "God I want to be used greatly in your kingdom, but in the same breath, we pray for everything to come easy."  Nothing worth achieving is easy.  If we want God to show himself strong in our lives, we need to take this risk and walk by faith.  Press pass your fear and step out.  What do you have to lose? 

    To be honest, in my short lifetime I have lived both ways.  I would take the risk and great things have happened.  (Let me make it clear, risks in the kingdom worked out. Not risk in my on decisions.)  I have sooo many powerful stories to tell about how God show up and showed out because I trust what he was saying.  Then life happened where, it didn't quite turned out the way I wanted, and I was paralyzed...well let me tell the truth, I am stell at times paralyzed with fear.  To be honest, living safe is for the birds.  Where is the victory stories?  Where is the praying, fasting, trusting God, and delivered stories?  There are none, if you don't take the risk.  God is bigger than anything that could possible go wrong, and He guarantees that all things will work out for my good.  Step out and Take the risk!!!

    Who's in it with me?

    Be Fabulous and Be Blessed.

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    05/05/2014 16:11
    Still waiting for you to take this risk with the blog and be transparent.  You are half stepping. Just when you are about to Go, you fall back. You are not giving your best and it shows. Rochelle