01/31/2013 07:38

Psalm 23:2

King James Version (KJV)

2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:...

    Sorry for not speaking with you yesterday.   I was sooooo tired.  Many great things are about to happen with this blog, that I feel like a race car driver going 100mph.  To be honest, I love that pace.  If I could handle it, I would work all day.  Yet the Lord has not made us this way.  He wants us to rest.  Now for some people, rest isn't hard, but for control freaks like me, I hate to rest.  If you want real honesty from me, I am like a 2-10 year old about rest.  WHY DO I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP?!?!?!  On a child you can see the tiredness, they can barely keep there eyes open, and they fuss.  Not only that, they whine and cry but fight the sleep.  I must look like that to the Lord.  I whine and fuss.  I beg for a few more minutes, and fall asleep in the midst of talking to Him.  I am so pitiful!!!  I will admit it.  I, the child of Him, feel like I know better.  Yet, there are consequences, believe me.  When the rest doesn't come I get sooooooo sick.  SMH...really?  I know, I can be horrible at times. 

    What I love about God, is that because he is my Shephard, he has a remedy to "make me lie down".  He helps my process of rest.  What?  Did you not know that God wants you to rest?  Of course.  He explains it in so many ways in the Bible.  Oh my brother and sister, don't get it twisted, you do need to work!!!!  Hallelujah, you need to work, while it is yet day, but at the night time, (it's the right time), to rest.  (Sorry had a Ray Charles moment).  This week and for coming week on the blog, I have some friends that will teach us about our bodies.  They will discuss our health, exercise, vitimans etc.  Stay tuned!!!


Be Blessed and Be Fabulous (Go to sleep!!!  LOL)