09/19/2013 20:27

Have you ever prolonged something that you know God told you to do?  You took the time to prayer, fast and diligently seek God about a matter that you faced, God responded, and you delayed your response?  After God responded to your prayers, He gave you an answer and you talked yourself out of responding to His voice because you said “the devil trying to trick me?”  You were not sure if you heard God or if you allowed your feelings to interfere with the voice of God?  If you were to be honest and admit it, we all may be guilty of this.  For some, you made so many bad decisions in life that you are afraid to make another bad decision.  This, I believe the enemy can play on and cause you to miss out on God’s destiny for your life.  You say to yourself, “if I make the wrong move this could mess up everything.”  I believe if you don’t make a move you still could possibly miss out on everything. Therefore, instead of making a move you stall, sit still, and never respond to what God has already answered.  Sometimes when we are faced with having to make a move in any area of our lives we overthink, over analyze, and sometimes just plane talk ourselves out of “what we should do.”  I’m not sure why I touched on this subject for this blog; maybe someone needed that extra push to respond to what’s been placed before you.  You felt like it was God, but your mind told you no I’m not sure about this let me keep praying.  In this walk with Christ, we can sometimes make decision making harder than what God intended on it to be.  If you know that you put your all into seeking God about something and an answer is before you, know that the answer sometimes may look unfamiliar.  The answer may be a little uncomfortable.  The answer may be an adjustment to something new.  You may not understand everything about the answer, but you just know that this is the answer to your prayers.  The answer may cost you a little bit more sacrificing.  The answer may even cost you a separation of friends and possibly, even loneliness.  Yes this is true.  You may be saying if the answer is from God everything should be peaches and cream.  When seasons change, practical seasons such as summer, fall, winter, and spring it’s not comfortable.  We have to adjust from hot to cold, long sleeves to short sleeve, air conditioning to heat, and an adjustment to more daylight savings time to less daylight time.  When this happens the transition to that season takes time to develop comfort.  So don’t look at how comfortable the response may be verses how this adjustment may be a major change for you.  Don’t be afraid to respond to what’s already before you.  No, the devil is not trying to trick you; the devil is trying to keep you from saying yes to a God given response.  No more delays, today; take that step and RESPOND.

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