Reponse by Min. David Seymour

03/01/2013 11:23

Rochelle, in response to your post, the ultimate message that I was expressing is my love for the Black church, the place that introduced me to Jesus Christ. My intent in writing the last blog was to applaud the oldest standing institution (next to family) for Black people in this country.  

In applauding the Black church, I was not disrespecting or ignoring any other church. I have a fond appreciation for any church that advances the mission of the Christian church. Keep in mind that the American Black church has embraced the message of the gospel a midst many social injustices throughout our time in this country. I think it is remarkable that a people who have and continue to be robbed of our culture and history would choose to embrace a gospel of Jesus Christ. The overwhelming gospel message that was presented at that time was slanted and presented to our people to perpetuate marginalization and oppression. Yet, my people were savvy enough to know that that message of Christ was erroneous and incomplete, and thus interpreted the message of Christ through the lens of liberation and empowerment. I celebrate the Black church for enduring.

Paul Barth said that one should have the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other. To me this means, in order to interpret the times that you find yourself in, you need the Bible. Coming from a position of perpetual oppression, an oppressed person read the Bible much differently than his oppressor. Although I agree with your statement, “we are all called to serve God then we must serve all His people,” the reality is that is not the truth for oppressed people.

Now with regard to your misunderstanding of my calling, I will answer by saying this; ever person who has earned a medical degree is called Doctor, but not all doctors have the same specialty. Some medical doctors are: internists, cardiologists, gynecologists, pediatricians, orthopedics, etc. They all have the same title of doctor, but they all were trained in a specialty area of medicine. Whereas; minister is a title that I have in common w/ many other laborers in the Lord’s vineyard; however, my specialty (mission field) is working with young Black males. In working in my ministry specialty I in no way deny anyone outside of my specialty the ministry that is needed (much like the Hippocratic Oath doctors take, I do no harm).

In summary, my last blog was written in MY celebration, appreciation, and love for the Black church.