REAPING what you have SOWN by Rev. CeCe Jackson

02/18/2013 00:38

REAPING what you have SOWN    


Believers, did you ever think that what you may be going through is the result of you REAPING what you have SOWN? If you sowed nasty seeds, you're getting it back! If you messed around in someone else's marriage, yours is gonna be tested! If you lied on, mistreated someone, purposely hurt them YOU'RE GETTING IT BACK! Be not deceived, God is not mocked, what you have sown YOU WILL REAP! Just because you got saved DOES NOT mean you are exempt from the laws of our God! EVERYTHING IS NOT THE DEVIL! The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will truly see the mercy of God that's keeping you from feeling the FULL effects of what you've done! You re-wrote the orders for our life a long time ago with the decisions you made! CAN'T change what you've done, you CAN change the attitude with which you are moving forward! Stop binding, start believing; stop casting out and start casting your cares on The Lord; stop complaining, start praising; stop demonizing and start dedicating yourself to the things of God! Weeping endures for a night, ask God to hasten your morning! It is time for strategic moves and purposeful progress to be made!


Rev. CeCe Jackson

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