“Reality Bites”

01/21/2013 18:15

Let’s state the obvious……IT’S COLD IN THE MIDWEST!!! Guess what, I love it. Now that that’s settled, let's get this blog started.  Now here is my rule, as we get to know one other, I hope we come to an understanding.  As long as we keep the dialogue open and respectful, we’ll be ok. 

Throughout the week, I thought about what I wanted to say and the following subject hit me…

“Reality Bites”

Can we agree that we are all products of the choices we make? Good, bad or indifferent, nothing just happens. Now, most of us can say and believe that, yet one must take responsibility for the outcome of your choices or actions. This leads to the following question: WHY are some people requesting others to sign petitions to stop “reality shows” from airing? In the communities of the new millennium, there are children who are conceived “out of wedlock”.  Since this has occured, blended families HAVE BEEN established. and, there are multiple mothers and fathers represented in the family unit.  It doesn’t matter whether the communities are of the lower socioeconomic or affluent class.


It is uncommon for people to see the reality that we are living in today. But, a traditional family unit is no longer the social norm. It appears that our communities have become more a part of the problem THAN the solution.  Some say, support your family, but do it this way. Some say, "Do not abort your children; But, don’t ask me or the government to assist you."  Since some people take this stance, why do you get to say how they legally support their children? I thought long and hard about this, and have just come to realization....people are never satisfied. Am I in support of the realities we live in today?  NO.  Will I watch these shows in the future?  NO. Do I feel it reflects the realities that some are living in today? YES!!!


What say you?  Is it our place to say what should or should not aired on television? Let’s talk and discuss. There is enough deemed “deplorable” things on television that no one has signed a petition or requested a boycott. Why now? Are we truly looking out for the welfare of our youth and communities? Or, are we just prideful, full of shame, and do not want the light shined on a problem that we constantly want to ignore? Let’s talk about it….



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Topic: “Reality Bites”

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