Reading and Comprehension

06/09/2014 17:07

       I often tell people that reading and comprehension are two entirely different things. What I have found is that people will express how vastly knowledgeable they are of a particular subject matter, without being able to source exactly where the facts were obtained. Hearsay, has become acceptable as truth even when we still have multiply resources at our beck and call.

       I really would like to know when we stopped ensuring that what was read was also understood. We continue to spout opinions as though they are facts. It has become unreal the amount of miseducation that has plagued our nation. I saw something that I totally agree with "A child educated only in the classroom and not also at home, is an uneducated child"- Anonymous. The statement is so profound because we have loss the sense of wanting to go beyond. We need to bring back National Library Week where students & parents went to the library and just discovered more. I know they offer the summer reading programs and the literary workshops during the summer months in the Midwest, but I believe it's time to truly become aggressive in ensuring not only can students pronounce and annunciate words, but also that understand and define the words and utilize them in their proper context.

      Four subjects that I believe are essential to the core of learning. English, Mathematics, Science & History. It is my belief that all educators, which include parents, should be well versed in the four basic subjects.

      My only question to all the readers, are we nurturing our bodies through reading?

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