09/13/2013 06:29


        When I think of a child who needs help with something, they look up to their parent whether it’s a mother or father crying with tears in their eyes. As I thought about a child and how they ask their parent for help, even before they are capable of talking they know the power of a gesture "reach." I want you to imagine this with me. If you were to see a child, not saying a word, but looking up to you with their hands wide open that que would mean, "help." Now that I’ve gone down this road, I want you to look at your own life and situation and ask yourself when was the last time you reached? For you, I’m talking about reaching out to God. We, as children of God sometimes can do all the "so called right, religious acts," but in that forget to reach. I believe with all my heart that there is something powerful that draws God heart to each and every one of us when we just reach out to God. Fasting, that’s good and in fact a command from God. Praying, yes we need to do that too. Reading God's word, of course that’s a must. Worship, there’s nothing like a place of worship that develops intimacy between you and the Father. Praise, you owe it to Him after all that He has done for you. Seeking, He said, "seek and you shall find" so therefore seek. What happens when you’ve done all of these things, or that moment that you just can’t pull yourself together to read your bible, pray, fast, worship, praise, or even seek? In these moments I dare you to stretch out your hands and reach out to God. Tell God how much you need Him. Tell God how bad it hurts. Tell God how mad and angry you are. Tell God you can’t go on without Him. Reach!!! Reach out to God just as Peter did when he attempted to walk on water. Peter knew in his moment of sinking that if he reached out his hand to God, that God would also reach out His hand and pull Peter out of the water. Now whatever has you sinking, do as Peter did, reach out your hand to God and trust that He will grab hold to your hand and pull you through. Be encouraged today; don’t let this world drown you. There’s no water too deep that God cannot pull you out of. Reach with me!



09/17/2013 21:03
Amen, and amen! Awesome word Ms Steele. Thanks for such a timely word. TC!

Re: Naomi

09/13/2013 19:13
  God bless you for your comments and support, may you continue to Reach.  


09/13/2013 13:42
Tears. Love. Happiness. Possibilities. Forever Father.


09/13/2013 13:41
I needed that, thank you.

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