10/14/2013 15:31



First of all thanks for your comment.  Now that I got that out of the way, I am a part of the solution.  I have volunteered, mentor, and started many organizations to help the future generation.  I was taught that once I "arrived" to reach back.  In the process of reaching back I have been dogged, accused, and critized because I see more for this generation instead of watching them.  Now I have you who have "accused" me of being weary in well doing.  I am not weary, I am upset.  What did I fight for?  What are you doing to solve the problem?  What are your solutions? Instead of judging ask the question of what I have done to handle this horrible epedemic of our young ladies.  I reached out to the readers to find out if there is something else  I can do.  Do you have a solution or just a  complaint?  Since you don't like my back in the day stories, give me a current solution.