Re: I love the Black Church

02/25/2013 18:54

Minister Seymour.

I read your thoughts, but I have questions. What are your trying to convey? I do not know the nationality of Vicki Frances, but I would think her audience is one of diverse people. People of different races and religious beliefs. Her site seems to be seeking to have those who may not know God to form a personal relationship with Him. In addition, for us to step outside of our comfort zone. But also, through the other bloggers, to get us to thinking. If my interpretation is correct of her vision. Then my question is, where do you see yourself fitting in? Right now, I have several take aways from your message, but somehow, I still feel as though I am lost. Are you seeking to welcome us to have an experience at the Black church? What will be any different that a white church, hispanic church, asian church? I mean if we are called to serve God then we must serve all His people. I do not know what your calling is, but I am finding it hard to understand from you being a Minister why I need to go to a black church. Help me to understand your point of view? Did you want me to take away who and what the Black church is? If so, I need more information.

God's word should not return void, so right now I need you to help me understand.




Tactful Talk Tuesday with Taneka has gotten better. I want to respond to the mistress but I need to have a one on one with her. :-)