05/21/2014 20:35

Romans 12:2 - And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

     Pressure. It's everywhere you go, from everyone you come in contact with. As a toddler it's to color in-between the lines. As a child it's to make friends and fit it while bringing home pleasing grades to your parents. As an adult it's to impress your boss or spouse. You work and you work and you work to achieve the desired success. It gets to the point where society's goals for you become your goals and it's all you can think about; how can I be friends with Mr. /Mrs. Popular? How can I get an "A" in that class? How can I get my next promotion? How can I please my family? Then you miss a step on the ladder. You fall and tumble, scraping your knees and bruising your ego because you screwed up. You made a crucial mistake that can jeopardize the goal, but you don't stop. Anorexics continue to starve and bulimics continue to throw up. Over-Achievers continue to push others form their way: all to please others. You succumb to the will of people, telling you what helps, but not that God is help. You stress; how will this happen, what about that? The pressure sinks deeper and deeper to please others, because you have the thought that pleasing them will please you. To fit in and be successful: It's the American Dream.

But what about what God wants you to do?

     He asks for simple things: Don't lie, steal, murder, idolize others, be a good spouse and mother or father. The things he asks for are really simple, but they aren't followed. What is so difficult on being a respectful wife and loving husband? What is hard about loving thy neighbor as you love thyself? You work to please others, but yet not the one who created you and breathes life into you at every moment of the day.

     Accepting Jesus is being covered in the blood of Christ. Once you're covered in his blood, you can cast all your worries onto Him and He handles them. It might not be in a timely fashion, but it happens on time. On His time. And you feel better. It feels like a gigantic weight has been lifted because you've entrusted someone bigger than us all, someone whose approval means more than anyone else's on Earth. The one who can give you eternal love , and peace, and acceptance, and happiness, because God is all those things: if you accept Him.

     So don't pressure yourself on society. Instead, do what God wants you to do. Walk in his light and let him glow off of you. Bring people closer to him, so they can experience the joy of being under his wings. Allow yourself to work on his schedule instead of your boss'. Allow yourself to feel the pressure lift off of you.

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