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06/30/2014 18:40

               I am reminded of several lyrics by different artists as I began writing today. I am going to take you on a journey with me. Then I want you to take me on a journey with you. I think it is important in this thing called relationships that we learn how to relate to one another or different levels. Over the years I have witness different things bring people together.  One of the earliest things I have seen is music. No matter where you are in your life, music has had an impact.

                Let's take church for example. My sister is one of the first to let you know that she cannot attend a church where the choir is not on point. I know that sounds crazy for the super saved Saints, but I have seen the music ministry be the reason for some to stay and or leave a church. I will not say who is right or
who is wrong, but I think it is important to understand what one needs to have a fulfilling relationship. Tell me what emotions evoke in your spirit when the
musicians in the church began to play, "Oh Lord, how excellent. How excellent.  Is thy name"? Do you not feel yourself connecting with those around you? Do you feel closer to God because of it? How many times have you heard, may a joyful noise unto the Lord? I know it may sound crazy, but music does matter.

                Even when one is connecting through sports, we find that music has a way of intermingling. At any sports game whether its hockey, basketball, soccer, or football you will hear music. You will hear everyone commenting on the music selections. You see music is good for the soul. Music has a way of calming down a situation or heightening a situation. When we think of music at an arena we want it to be live and exciting. In any sporting event the music is
intoxicating and indicative of the mood of the fans.

                Can you imagine being in a doctor's office and it not have music playing? It usually is soft and mellow to help ease the nerves of the clientele. Even dealerships have gotten in the habit of having the top 100 hits playing. Or what about elevator music. I tell you music no matter how we seek to get away from it, it is important.

                I asked the question on my Facebook page. I am going to now ask you. Play me a melody?

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