Perfect Storm

02/15/2013 08:28

        Last Thursday in the Midwest, we had a horrible snow storm.  All day while I was working the snow kept falling.  I mean “BIG” snowflakes, coming down at rapid speed.  NON-STOP!!!  As the day flowed announcements came over the intercom of canceled events because of the storm, watch the new the announcement stated we may not have to come in.  Colleagues were commenting on how bad it looked and the possible horrific driving conditions we might face.

          As I walked to the parking lot, the snow was almost up to my knee, and the parking lot was not shoveled!!  As you could imagine, it was a task to get out of the parking lot.  Once on the road, the atmosphere around me transformed.  Getting home usually take less than 15 min., took almost 45 min.  I finally made it home….

          The next couple of days were truly amazing to me.  The snowstorm which appeared horrific made everything look breathtakingly beautiful.  It was so beautiful; that you knew only God could manufacture such beauty.

          Isn’t that like our Christian walk?  As we go through storms, we oftentimes stare at the problem, like I stared at the snow.  We talk about our storm, just like my colleagues and I talk about the snowstorm.  We cancel things in our lives, because of the storm.  We discuss how to navigate our storm, just like driving in the snow.  Something our storm cause us to reach our destination seemingly a little longer than we planned, like driving home from the storm.  Yet, only God can take a situation that looks so bad in your eyes and the eyes of others and make it beautiful!!

Ride out your perfect storm!!

Be Fabulous and Be Blessed