My Fabulous Thing of the Week

11/09/2013 06:49

Hello There!!!!  Sorry it's been so long.  Ms. Vicki has been going through a lot and ya'll need to pray for her.  With her 1st year anniversary coming, the devil has been busy, but God is greater.  Now after saying that, I have an assignment from Ms. Vicki to choose a "Fabulous Thing" I have seen this past week that changed my perspective.  It was a blog called "The Husband List: 12 Non-Negotiables" and here's the link:

Check out this blog because it has allowed me to think about the desires of my heart.  The blog caught my attention especially when she said that, and I am restated her words, that we know God know the desires of our hearts, but we still need to ask.  Not only in this area, but every area in our lives.  I feel that since you have time this weekend, jot down some desires and place them before the Lord.  Tell yourself the truth and ask God!!!  What do you have to lose?


Have a great weekend.

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