My Current Situation

12/27/2013 06:52

 My situation in 2006
November 2006, my situation is devastation. My dear mother has gone on to be with the Lord and I'm unsure of what to do with myself. The holidays are approaching and my bad news coupled with the exact same bad news for a friend of mine is overwhelming. In the same city, two young ladies lose their mother and bury them on the same day. I think it not ironic that we also lived across the street from one another. As we did back then, we continue to support one another during our painful times and days of despair. For years my days and especially my nights were filled with sobs and tears. To this day, the month of November brings painful memories that are etched in my mind for ever.

My situation in 2009
March 2009, my situation is one of extreme devastation and despair. My one and only son celebrated his 22nd birthday, and just 10 days later he left me to be with The Lord. He sat peacefully in his chair as though he was waiting on the his Savior to take him. I know he wasn't afraid, and for sure he was ready. I remember the moment I gave my mind permission to slide away into the abyss, but to no avail. For years I gave into depression until one Mother's Day, I decided to battle and overcome the spirit of depression. I wasn't even over the loss of my mother, now I'm having to deal with the loss of my very own child. This seems unfair, unkind and definitely untrue, but this is my reality.

One thing I know, is that God makes no mistakes. He allows us to go through these types of things, loss so that we may be there for others who undoubtedly will go through loss at some point as well.

My current situation
Getting through the holidays is really tough for me. I manage, but not without struggle. Here we go; just a couple of weeks before Christmas my close friend's 30 year old daughter, mother of three young children, was killed in a car accident. Might I add that this, losing a child (no matter their age) is the WORST thing a mother can go through. Another friend, who had been ill, passed away. Then my close friend's mother died from cancer. I can't catch a break. I want to just be sad for my own loss, feel my own pain. But I'm in the uncomfortable position of having to be there for others. To minister to others during the worst time of their life. Is this fair? No, it's not fair at all, but it is life. And whether I like it or not, it is My Current Situation.

I dare not take this opportunity for granted, and I rise to what feels to be the heaviest challenge ever. This is a very emotional time for me, but I must put others' needs before my own.

Philippians 2:3 Don’t do anything for selfish purposes, but with humility think of others as better than yourselves.

In doing this, being there for others, I realize how God can truly take my misery and use it for His ministry.
I also realize that I am not alone in dealing with the Holiday blues. Some of us are stronger than others, and meant to reach out to those who need us. We may be the one thing that keeps them from slipping into depression and massive despair.

My most Current Situation is that I am blessed to be a blessing to others who are hurting this Holiday season. I plan to share with as many as possible, my belief and faith in God, that he can do anything, but fail.

What is your current situation, and how can you help someone else?

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12/29/2013 19:45
   I can completely relate, it's the first holiday season without my mom, filled with ups and downs. To be honest it feels like the downs overtake the ups...i just keep looking up.


12/29/2013 19:45
    God frequently use us during our pain to minister to others. Do you remember when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane. He said "if it be possible let his cup pass from me, NEVERTHELESS...........even Jesus showed his human side.


12/28/2013 15:42
    TC, you have been a blessing to me just in sharing. I knew when you were battling with the doubt of should I or shouldn't I go in to ministry that you of all people had been not called but CHOSEN. Baby-girl please continue to walk in the LIGHT of the LORD .


12/27/2013 12:09
    My friend, please allow me to thank you for the gift of "perspective" this morning. It seems as though I have been consumed with so many hurts and fears and disappointments... But how dare I forget that we all have a story! But even more importantly, we who love Christ and...


12/27/2013 08:28
    My current situation is that I'm hurting and missing loved ones, but through it all my Savior comforts me and keeps me. He allows me to press on and be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a heart to love those in my same situation. I love you TC and this is the...