Ms. Alexandria Bio

01/30/2013 21:04

Miss Alexandria is an educator and an avid reader.  A lady never tells her age, she won’t tell you that, since she IS a lady.  However, she is old enough to drink, young enough not to be able to get her social security, and NEVER will be able to see any of it, when she is old enough to ask for it.  She likes sewing, needlework and hobbies. She loves documentaries on African American history, WWII, foreign films, classic films and shoes (the shoe thing might be an addiction…).  Her favorite city in the world is Evanston, IL.   Her favorite PLACE in the world is The Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL.   Her favorite color is orange (which means she is happy and creative).  She is always looking for new interesting things to try, intelligent conversation, and a good read.