May I Have Your Attention?

11/21/2013 10:56


Use your imagination for just a moment, and picture me addressing a crowd.  Not at church behind the pupit, but on a small stage in front of thousands of people.  Don't worry about what I'm wearing or how my hair is, that isn't important.  Picture me speaking to a multitude of people from all walks of life.  I hope you can see it.  I can.  Now, imagine the thousands that are in attendance are listening to every word I say, like their lives depend on it.  Waiting for the next word with eagerness, as if what I'm saying is what they've been longing to hear.


Listen closely to what I'm saying to these people who are standing in expectation:


"May I have your attention please?  I know what you've heard about us church folks, but don't believe everything you hear.  All of us don't pretend that we have done nothing wrong, that we've been saved every since we been saved!  Try to forget abou the nasty looks you got when you walked into the church house because you dressed a little differently.   Don't respond to the ignorance of the whispers as you walk by.  I know you still have alcohol on your breath, and weed in your pocket.  Don't feel bad that you have an addiction to nicotine.  I know you curse like a saiilor, and party like it's 19999, but so do some of us!  Who told you that you had to be perfect before you came to the perfect one?  Who lied to you and said that there is no place here for those who consume illegal substances?  Who gave you the impression that tatoos and piercings aren't acceptable?  I'm sorry that you were told that you weren't good enough to worship the True and Living God, because you don't fit the mode.  What is the 'mode', did they tell you that?"


"May I have your attention please?"  Single parents, I know that you have to feed your family by any means necessary.  Turning tricks and fast money is sometimes your only option, because you don't know of any other way.  Don't let the 'church folks' make you feel bad about the decisions you made to survive in the world you live in.  I feel your pain, I understand your struggle and I see your longing for a better way.  I'm here today to let you know that everything you've heard, and all of the pre-conceived thoughts you have that keep you from opening your heart, is not always accurate."


"The church, a good bible teach word church is the place where you can go to receive healing from all your souls' diseases.  All of us are sick in some way or another, and the church is the hospital.  It doesn't make sense that you get your life together before you come.  If that were possible, we'd all have our lives together by now.  So, come as you are means exactly that; come as you are.  Even with your marijuana, vodka, prescription drugs come to Jesus.  It's not the church that saves us, but Jesus Christ.  The position of the word because everything Jesus did was out of love.  John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that He gave His only son to die for our sins.  The Bible also say that all of us have sinned and come short of God's glory, so none of us can pass judgement on anyone."


"Now that I have your attention, hear me and hear me good, it is not God's will that we continue in sin.  Jesus died that we might have an aesome life.  Free of health issues, free from heartache and pain.  Free from our sinful nature.  So, don't allow unde judgement to keep you from learning about Churst and getting a relationship of your own with hHim.  Once you begin to commune wit the Father, you will want to live free from addiction.  Once you let Jesus into your heart and life you will no longer be bound by the sins of this world."



"Thank you for your attention today, and know that I love you and God does too.  Go in peace and search for a bible teaching word church, and I promis your life will never be the same."




p.s. Do me a favor and pass this on to everyone you know who won't trust the church because of some 'ol judgmental, holier that thou church member.  Show someone God's love.






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