Maleficent: Do you know the back story?

06/19/2014 20:43

           Monday, I decided after getting some free tickets to the movies to check out Maleficent.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I love me some Disney.  I love fairytales, stories, and even telling a few myself.  Stories in my opinion paint a picture.  But after seeing this movie, my feelings went in a different direction.  This is not a spoiler alert but I need to bring out some valid points to this movie.

            I love this movie for a variety of reasons. I am one of those people who need to know the back story of every story.  Why and how the villains became who they are?  What happened after the famous quote, "they lived happily ever after..."  Did you ever wonder those things?  Did you always take the story at face value?  Is that what they told you?  I was fascinated when I saw the play "Wicked" and now "Maleficent" had caught my attention.  Both of these stories paints a different picture.

            Let's dig in.  I was/am Maleficent.  I trusted easy.  Believed people at face value.  Fell in love trusting someone with my secrets.  Believed in my heart that they would never hurt me.....  Innocence is a great place to be, because it's where everything is possible, nothing or nobody can hurt me, the world is my oyster, and my best laid out plans will work.  Sooner or later reality sets in, and right here, how you deal with it, can determine your path.

            What I enjoyed about this movie it showed love, betrayal, revenge, and love again.  I have been there where love is wonderful!!!  He is soooo dreamy!!!  Oh ya'll just jealous!!  Yada, Yada, Yada.....Until Betrayal. 

            This movie depicted betrayal on a level I felt.  Everything around Maleficent was dark, black, and bleak.  Have you ever been raped of your emotions,
life, goodwill, or literally been raped, and the one responsible goes on, but at your expense.  How painful that must feel to have someone success become reality do to your misery.  I know that feeling.  It makes you out to be the villain, the witch, or the witch with a "b", because you are traumatized by the betrayal.  How many "witches" you have in your life?  Do you really know her/or his back story?  What really happened to them?  I have been Maleficent in a couple of situations in my life.  The pain was so unbearable that everything looked bleak.  Oh yes I cried, but I wanted revenge!!!!!  You have no idea of the cost of my pain or lost I have experienced. The trauma of the deception, and the tears...Pain so deep that everyday looked like midnight.  The sayings goes: "Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned." These women have songs that we laugh but sing:

"I bust the window out your car"

"Thin Line Between Love and Hate"

            During the movie, you see Maleficent heal, and it came through true love.  I am soo glad that I serve a God that loved me through my hurts and pains.  Through his "real" love, I was restored me back to start all over again.  So let me ask you again, "Do you know the back story of a "witch" or "villain" in your life or what other people told you about them?"  These stories that we have loved for years on end might have a few loopholes.  Just like that angry neighbor that everyone said, they have always been mean, or that mother with her children raising them by herself and is angry all the time. That man that runs away from any type of responsibility.  Did you ever wondered what happened?  Remember we all have story that we tell and there's the real story that either a few people know or we are too ashamed to tell because we have played the fool.

Watch out who you call a witch or a villain, they have a story to tell as well.

Go see the movie!!!!! 
It is the BEST!!!!!

Be Fabulous and Be Blessed

Vicki Frances

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06/19/2014 22:44
Great review! After seeing Maleifcent I totally agree her story was very interesting and one we ladies know all to well.  ;-)


06/19/2014 22:22
Very well said.  I would have never known that was your story. You probably would never know that was my story either.  As I was reading this blog, I started thinking about all the people that are judged by appearances. I have seen people who look like a villain and I have also seen the...