Life Lessons in Movies

07/02/2014 15:11

         Earlier this week I went to see The Fault in Our Stars. Despite knowing this movie was a tear-jerker, I still went because, honestly, those are my favorite kinds of movies.  Still, I never thought this movie would leave such heavy messages on me.

          The first lesson it taught was to never let any obstacles prevent you from doing what you want. Don't let the fact you don't have certain requirements stop you from applying to a higher position. Don't let the fact you never played a sport prevent you from trying out for the team. Don't let your fears of something
negative happening stop you from engaging in a greater cause. If Hazel Grace, a 17 year old suffering from Thyroid Cancer with a damaged lung, can get on a
plane traveling from Indianapolis to Amsterdam, I'm sure you can do anything too.

          The second lesson was to not let minor arguments greatly affect your relationship at large with people. You never know when someone's day will be their last, and while you're giving someone a "Silent Treatment", keep in mind God can plan to take you, or them, from this Earth within the next second. Is getting your point across that serious?

          The third lesson was that your life story isn't the negative things in your life. When asked, "What's your story?" don't tell how you were struggling or anything depressing.  It'll only make you pity yourself as well as whomever you're telling. Instead, tell them what you liked about your story. Tell
them something you can't live without and what manages to make you smile no matter what. The bad things in your life aren't what make you, its how you
handled it.

          Life is unpredictable. The people with you now might not be with you tomorrow. For every day you're given a day is taken away. So, live for now and now only because right now is all you're guaranteed. Not tomorrow, not next week, not even the next hour, but right now.

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