Let’s begin

11/27/2012 08:07

Step 1: Start on your Birthday or Today

            I feel that your birthday is like a New Year.  It represents where you began your life and the newness that comes from it.  On this day, decide that this birthday year is going to be different.  Make the decisions to live the best year of your life.  It all begins with a choice.  Choose to make your life an adventure to try new things. 

            Now if your birthday has already past, it is not an excuse to wait.  I unfortunately found out that we do not know the day or the hour when our time is up.  People have died leaving behind dreams and goals they could have accomplish if they only took one step.  In the midst of taking that daring step, understand doubters are going to come, but I would like to quote Kirk Franklin when he was on TBN “I would rather fail at trying, than succeed at doing nothing”.  Please for your own sake and sanity do something that you have desired to do whether big or small.  It’s not too late!!!