Kids vs. Adults

07/16/2014 14:32



                 Every day I wish I was older. Whether it’s so I can do what I want, say what I want, or go where I want, I always say it. Of course, after thinking about it later, I realize I really don’t want to grow up at all.

                As a kid, you really have nothing to do besides what your parent tells you to do. And even then it’s nothing compared to what they have to do.  You clean what they tell you to clean, go to school, get good grades. BAM! That’s all your life really is. You can go out with friends without worrying how a bill is going to be paid, and you can eat without worrying how the food got to the table.

                As an adult, they have to pay bills and provide us, the kids, with clothes, shelter, food, and an education. They work all day, all year: no Winter, Spring, or Summer breaks. Then, they don’t even get to keep all the money they make. Almost all of it is spent to make sure we, as kids, are taken care of and provided for. Every now and then they could do something for themselves, but even then it’s a worry on if a something will be late, and a prayer that nothing unexpected comes up.

                So, I realized I have eighteen years to live with no worries. I have eighteen years of having someone else worry about how I eat or to get clothes that fit my body whenever I grow in size. I don’t have to worry about lights or heat or gas or anything else I need to grow because I’m the kid. It’s the easiest job I’ll ever have: Be respectful, clean up after myself, go to school and bring back good grades so I can leave as soon as possible and give them a break. Then, in my own time, I’ll know how hard it really was. Now, I can only guess and try to understand everything an adult goes through, but you never truly understand until you’re in that place.

                This is a Thank You to all adults who decided to step up and grow up. A thank you to parents for putting up with us kids’ crap. You may not hear a thank you very often, but I hope at the end of the day you feel appreciated, because I appreciate you.

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