Just A Little Reminder

02/27/2014 20:16

I was on my way some where and suddenly something (the Holy Spirit) stopped me dead in my tracks. It was as if I had forgotten something in the room I just walked out of. So as I returned to the room I stood in the doorway waiting for it to come to me, what I had forgotten. Then, I was reminded of some things. As I stood there looking around my bedroom, glaring at my well made bed, I was reminded of the peaceful night's rest I had gotten just hours before. So I closed my eyes and I allowed my senses to take over. The amazing aroma of the perfume I'm wearing still lingers in the atmosphere, and I'm reminded that I am alive, well, and in my right mind; I showered this morning. May not seem like much to you, but someone somewhere doesn't have their right mind. They don't know where they are, and lack the good sense to clean themselves.

As I turned around to go on about my day I see through my living room window that though the weather outside is still a bit frightful, the sun is shining. I close my eyes for a moment and as I stand in the way of the sun, and I'm reminded that I am alive, well, and in my right mind.

I make yet another attempt to do whatever it is I've planned to do and just as I begin to exit the living room, at perfect eye level are picture of my family; immediate and extended. I again close my eyes and just like a movie on the big screen scenes from the past begin to flood my mind. I'm reminded of the love of so many family members, both past and present. I inhale what seems to be giving me new energy, then exhale any remnant of care and worry, and I'm reminded again t am alive, well, and in my right mind.

I'm out the door now, and on my way to wherever I was going, then I realize I don't have anywhere to be. So I drive on down the road and as the melodies of worship music fills the car I'm reminded of how blessed I am. Not because of the tangible things I have, but just because I know who my source is. As I approach the red light just blocks from my happy home, I take a moment to close my eyes and remember that I'm alive, well, and in my right mind. So I lift my hands in total adoration unto the Father, and as I make my way through the  intersection I lift my voice in thanksgiving that I am alive, well, and in my right mind.

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03/04/2014 22:58
Awesome what a sweet reminder of our Father's Eternal love for us. Thank you


03/04/2014 22:58
A great reminder of daily blessings. Thank you


03/04/2014 22:57
Grateful!  A reminder we all need!  Well said my friend!  Well said!


03/04/2014 22:56
Yes Lord. Thankful I'm in my right mind.