It’s Time to Get Right

02/25/2013 23:03

I have been wrapping my head with which direction I would like to go after last week.  Think about last week’s topic that came out of a simple discussion group.  Social media has its own form of reality television.  I’m telling you now; my temperature still boils just thinking about the rationale one has to justify such actions.  When think of the current climate of today, and I just shake my head.  I had four different angles I wanted to take after last week:


  1. I have to speak on it…
  2. There Is A Place In Hell With Some Folks Name On It…
  3. Just Mind Your Business…….
  4. Don’t Ask If You Are Not Going To Listen


I know there were those who sat in silence agreeing to what the mistress wrote. The reason why I know this is because I have a brother, biological, who has a mistress. Yes, you read correctly. My brother has a mistress. The family knows about it, and so does his wife. In my brother’s case it was never like the Xscape song, “you’re my little secret and that’s how we shall keep it”.No, on the contrary, both women know and are fully aware of one another. The state of their relationship is so crazy!!!Even if I told you all of it, you would think I was lying.Yet, if you ever had the chance to meet them, you’d owe me an apology.


I gave you that tidbit of information about my brother because I truly believe we are all a product of our choices. We can justify anything, and make it right in our own minds. One can agree with me or not, yet I promise you this, I will never knowingly sit on the side of wrong. I have even told my brother that if he does not get it together, he and the women he keep are destined for hell.


I know people like to say, who are you to judge?That argument of turn the other cheek, do not say anything regarding a wrongful situation falls on death ear. Stop misinterpreting and falsely using the word of God surrounding judgment to justify foolishness. I am so tired of people acting as though no one is going to hell. One of my girlfriends said it so plainly, “everyone talking about Jesus, isn’t going to heaven”, and I concur. I will further say, just because you are not talking about hell, doesn’t mean you or no one is going. People have a tendency to think that by not talking about things will make it go away. Do not fool yourself. Let me tell, I come from a long line of generational fools. They are my family so I can call them that. My father, uncles, and brothers all have had multiple women.Guess what?When they left this earth, they never had the opportunity to get it right. They never shared that knowledge with the next generation, of what not to do.They left here like its ok to do wrong.


There comes a time when just because you can do wrong, doesn’t mean you should. So what if the woman is half naked, body like Beyoncé, and money like Oprah. If she is not your wife, leave that woman where she is, and take your tail home. I do not care if your wife is the biggest nag south of the mason Dixon line. You get it together with your woman and work it out. Away with this saying, “I will get my needs met somewhere else.” If you put half of your energy into your household you wouldn’t have time to go anywhere else. We jokingly say it’s cheaper to keeper, but really it’s not about money. It’s about the commitment you made. Is it really that hard to stay committed?


I have so much to say.Yet, what I want to say more than anything is, we need to do better. Not just for ourselves, but for the generations we leave behind us. It’s no coincidence that the states of families are broken, and our youth are misbehaving. Could it be that the broken home and family structure has a lot to do with why our children no longer have a will to live. Therefore, while the Mistress is speaking out, I ask her this question, what about the children? What about the family? What about the community? Selfishness leads to self-destruction.Selfishness leads to loneliness. Selfishness leads to despair. Selfishness leads to a life filled with doubt. Selfishness will lead to the grave.


One thing I know for sure, you can justify all you want, but if you look at history you will see that the justification of wrongdoing didn’t just start with the mistress, it began with Adam and Eve. God wasn’t please with it, and He is not pleased now. Do not deceive yourself, by thinking that just by being silent or minding your own business will make wrong right. It puts you in denial, and allows a crazy situation to become chaotic. Your situation may not be as crazy as the mistress, but it has room for correction.


I submit to you, it’s time to get right.



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