It's Snowing!!!!

02/02/2013 07:35


        IT'S SNOWING!!! Yes sir, yes maam it's snowing here in the Midwest. I love snow for so many reasons. I especially love the 1st snow. It's so pretty and light. I love how children, I don't have any, but other people's children are so excited about snow. I love how the children play in snow. It's a freshness and it's beauty.

        I enjoy all the seasons here, because it always reminds me of how big and awesome God is. He is such a creator and had a wonderful imagination. With everything he does, he does it well...So my question for today is....What do you do well? Are you doing it? If not what are you waiting for. I saw this quote on google on Jackie Robinson's birthday and it has been my inspiration to keep pressing. The quote said, "Your idea just might change the world". Think about it. Your ideas, your creation, your recipe, your song, your book, etc. can CHANGE the world. Hmmmmm!!


Be Fabulous and Be Blessed