How do you deal with pre-marital sex when you're dating?

02/05/2013 22:41

    Good Morning!!! How is everyone today? I am truly blessed. So much to share with you, but I pause to introduce a new sister of mine Rev. Arcelia “Cee Cee” Jackson. We met a week ago and she will be one of the minister's for Minister Moment in May. I tell you the truth, this sister right here is no joke!!!! I was reading one of her post on facebook that arrested my spirit. With Valentine's Day coming around the corner, I wanted to inspire some of my single brothers and sisters about how to deal with this holiday. Let's be real, some of us dread this holiday of love. I didn't want to give you the "milky" advice that people usually give to singles around this time of year. So I prayed about it, really in passing,  and the Lord sent my sister. Right now you can check her bio out at: This is a taste of what you will see in May.


Right now on facebook, she asked people if they had any question and she, through prayer will answer your question. I will share one of my favorite questions that is often asked in the body of Christ and I will post her response:

Anonymous Question:

How do you deal with pre-marital sex when you’re dating?  


Rev. Arcelia “Ce Ce” Jackson’s Answer:

TAKE IT OUT OF THE EQUATION! You are so priceless and wonderful of course people desire you! Here's an analogy I once used: I once put a hostess cupcake on a plate and gave everyone in the room spoons. I then passed out the cupcake and told everyone to take the spoon and what they wanted off the cupcake. As the cupcake was going around it started looking worse and worse! People had pieces all over the plate, some was falling off, by the time it got to the back nobody wanted it! I then got the plate of the left over cupcake and put it next to a plate with the other cupcake and asked everyone if they had a choice which one we they wanted? Of course the one on the new plate! I told them the other cupcake was like them! The more they passed themselves around the more they gave pieces of themselves away! By the time they got to the person that was supposed to have them they were so damaged and esteem so low, they didn't want anyone to have them and nobody wanted them! I then told them that because I knew the real worth, it didn't matter about their past, that could be forgiven, but if they were ready to be new, they had to throw away the spoons that were used to rob them of who they were! Everyone headed for the trash can I had at the altar! Be careful who you give spoons and allow to take pieces from you! It can harm you in more ways than one!

Be Fabulous and Be Blessed




Topic: How do you deal with pre-marital sex when you're dating?

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