Happy Forward Friday!!!

01/25/2013 08:01

Good Morning!!!  I had to share this.  During my devotion, I was praying because I felt confused about my future and this showed up on my newsline on Facebook.  I pray this bless you!!!!

LISA'S WORD OF THE WEEK: FORWARD "Moving forward is sometimes as simple as taking a step—one foot in front of the other. However there are times when we must mo...ve forward even when we cannot see where that step is leading. We can see what is behind us, and we know we cannot go back. We must move forward and it is the knowledge of what is behind us that gives us the courage to step forward. The faith to move forward is born out of the desire to leave the past in the past. The certainty that even though I cannot see where I am going, it is better than where I have been." - Lisa Price