Family Ties

07/08/2014 16:47

              June 22, my aunt was admitted to the hospital for having a massive heart attack. It's been quite an emotional time because you never know
or can anticipate something like this taking place. The wonderful thing was she was in church when it occurred. The church family (Jesus Name Apostolic Church) came to her aid and did the needful to ensure she arrived at the hospital in time and received immediate care. My cousin her son, was there as well, so he was able to be by his mother's side.

                Words cannot express how one feels when they receive such news. Therefore, the journey to put one's faith into practice was forever real. I must say, the family has showed up and showed out. The doctors were ready to count my aunt out, and had even asked if my cousin wanted to have the breathing tube removed.  Let's just say, no weapon formed against us shall prosper. And truly the prayers of the righteous availed on that hospital, because my aunt is on her way to recovery.

                Things definitely happen for a reason, a season, and a lifetime. This was the family's time to come together in the midst of a storm and declare what we all profess, that Jesus is Lord and a healer. I continuously say, let those who are redeemed say so. We may not know why this occurred but we do know that a family that prayers together stays together.

                Thus, it has been placed on my heart to let you know, dear reader, that no matter what is going on in your life, who may have done you wrong, or who you may have wronged, God is asking you to turn it over to Him. Place your cares on His shoulders. Do not worry about anything, but pray without ceasing. Give yourself the time and the commitment to place all your concerns, strongholds on the cross. If we can just reach one other through love and understanding, it will be a day of Joy.

                What are you seeking God for today? What are you thanking Him for?

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