Fall Into Something Old and Possibly New

09/13/2013 23:48


        Hey there!!!!!!  I's back!!!  Ms. Vicki must have gotten over the last blog I wrote and trusted me with today's blog.  She wanted a different flavor I guess.... So Let's Start!!!


        This summer was a bit of nostalgic for me.  I went to the Keno's Drive-in.  Now for those of you that's old skool, this is nothing new, but new school can gain some great times at the drive in.


        Couples can rekindle their romance.  But keep it PG-13.  We have children at the drive-in!!!  GET A ROOM!!!!

        Families can spend quality time together.  Isn't that cute!!!


        Plus it's something you can add to your fabulous things list.  (Had to give Ms. Vicki some plug)

        With fall around the corner, and according to the news it's an unofficial ending of summer, it time time to live it up.  The drive-in is great because you have an outing within a intimate setting......your car!!!  Think about it, we do a lot of things in our car past, present, and future.  I'm going to leave the past alone.  Some things people do in cars!!!  SMH  I digress, but what a great way to enjoy an evening out with family or that special somone and enjoy a movie. 


        The night I went there was a beautiful full moon and the food at the drive-in is better and cheaper than going to the movies.  Support businesses such as the drive-in and take a walk back in time.  I'm Just Saying!!!










09/14/2013 16:04
Girl friend, the memories. I will stop. Thanks for taking me back. Shellie

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