Disce aut Discede

06/02/2014 18:20

One of my friends shared this with me, Disce aut Discede is the
Latin motto of Royal College, Colombo - meaning "Learn or depart". https://www.royalcollege.lk/  "Either learn or depart" or
"either learn or leave" are correct - the latter being more common
and sounds better. "Either Learn or Leave"

            From my friend sharing this bit of knowledge with me, it got me to thinking of different areas in my life where I may have been called to depart and stayed. One thing I have gathered about life is that in certain aspects choices are clearly defined, and in others it is clouded by fear & uncertainty. I never seek to minimize someone's feelings in a particular situation. The trials and challenges we face daily are simply ones that are put in our paths to make us better. I know for certain that I feel a particular way when someone seeks to tell me how I should feel about a matter, and discount its particular effects on me mentally & emotionally. Because at that point it's not enough religious scripture references that you can give me, that will not make me give you the side eye. We all need to learn when to deal with people in the spirit and when to do so in the natural.

            Not everything is prepared or ready to receive a thus said the Lord message, no matter how often it may come to mind to do so. Thus, it leaves with back to the subject matter at hand. Learning or Leaving. For me life is about Growth and taking each opportunity and making the best out of it. You see, I grew up in inner-city Chicago. All odds for lack of a better word were stacked against me. However, there were always signs that showed my good days would outweigh my bad days. It was going to be up to me to accept the things I could not change, and change the things that I could. It sounds simple enough, but what it came down to is wanting better and doing better. Thus, education was the key to success. I went on to receive greater than anyone could have determined via statistical measures. You see it's easy to count someone out.

            Thus, when my friend sent me the Disce aut Discede,
it was right on time. I looked at my past and realized it did not dedicate my
future. I look at my present and realized that if I want even more out of life
that I must learn. The thirst must be back. The drive that was once there must
be sought after more than ever. Thus my dear readers, I say to you -

Disce aut Discede

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