Dating and Celibacy

08/04/2014 22:03

     I told myself that I was not going to write about this subject matter, but it seems it bares discussion. One of my Facebook Friends writes for another blog, and often on her wall list questions of the day. On this particular day, she posed a question from one of her followers.

     MEN (well women can answer too if you want): If you meet someone and you like her, but she is practicing abstinence, how long could you wait? Would you be willing to wait a certain time period? What about until marriage? What are your thoughts on this?

     Side Note: I want you readers to response to the question above, because it will be an interesting take from what I see here and what I read on Facebook.

      I didn't take the liberty of posting on her wall, because by now, majority of everyone knows that I am a virgin. Therefore, it goes without saying that my position is to wait until one if married. However, it seems like from the thousands of people who follow her and my wall that I am in the minority. I have had people
tell me that they thought I was idealistic for my stand, and that I should not be surprised if and when I am cheated on. It is amazing that this comes from "Christians", "Muslims", and others who profess to follow a higher calling then themselves.

      What is even more puzzling is that people really look at intercourse as a barometer as to whether their relationship with someone will be worth their time. I am not naïve to not know that physical is as important to some as spiritual.  However, I am also one to know that physical will not be something in which will make someone stay. It may for a while but eventually it will wear off, and if your foundation was that superficial what will it stand on when times really seem to get tough.

     What are we teaching our young about dating? What are we teaching them about marriage? I often wonder have we become so "educated" that we reject the wisdom of God and what is right and
pleasing to Him.


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