04/10/2014 21:39

I hardly ever have long term memory of my dreams. When I dream, I remember them after waking but 10 minutes later...the dream has already faded. However,  when I was pregnant I dreamed a lot and there were two dreams that I still remember til this day (which is unusual for me).
I dreamed of a natural disaster. One in which I was forced to learn to survive in a post apocalyptic type of world. There was little food or water, hardly any safe shelter and few people survived. It was just me and an older version of my unborn child. She had to be about 3 yrs old in my dream. But I was charged with feeding her, protecting her and most importantly giving her yhe best childhood I could in such a strange world. It seemed that i was successful in my missions but it was scary and I woke up the next morning searching and researching online for disaster recovery kits and freeze dried "space" food. It was truly bizarre. Lol
The other dream...I lived in a gorgeous house on a hill, mostly made of glass, , kind of remote but seemingly safe from intruders. I invited people to my home for a party. We had a great time but suddenly things changed. Chaos appeared. Intruders came and tried to take over my home. Suddenly,  I was alone with a child. All of my party "friends" had scrsmbled and left me slone to fend for myself and this child. Oddly, the child wasn't mine. It was my friends, cousin's lil girl (a child I had never met so don't ask me why this baby was in my dream lol). So anyway, the intruders took over my home. Theywere very animalike. Crawling, walking and bouncing about like apes and monkeys although clearly very human. In the end, I could not protect the baby.  The intruders had overtaken my home.
Now of course I know what these dreams meant. I had high anxiety about being a first time mom. Wondering if I would be a good mom, raise her right, make wise decisions....keep her safe from harm. I gad lived for me for so long that caring for a child made me soooo nervous. What I don't understand is why I was successful in one dream (the dream in which the child was mine) but not successful in the other (the dream in which the child wasn't mine). I thought that was kinda odd.
Oh well, thanks for allowing me a platform to share.