10/01/2013 09:36


1. Residual slave mentality that WE need to discuss & aggressively modify. We may be impacted by the behaviors of SOME, but WE are ultimately responsible for our success…or demise.

2. Believing this is rhetorical, I submit: seems spirituality is more of an American cultural phenom - religion is worldwide? Maybe it’s the passionate pursuit of what feeds your soul? Judging is, to some extent, merely a way to feel better about my mess. IJS…

3. I celebrated the election of President Obama merely from a sentimental stance. I really didn’t think I’d see someone who looks like me in that office – not in my lifetime. Was he the “best” man for the job? Yeah…kinda like Jackie Robinson was the “best” at the time… I ABSOLUTELY believe the entire legislative branch is responsible for this MESS! The executive branch functions WITH the legislative & judicial branches…”not separate but equal”. Fire ‘em all! Let’s try this again!!

4. I really wish someone could help me out with this paradigm. Talk about conflict of interest.

5. Anytime law is potentially impacted, folks protest. *shoulder shrug* I really don’t know…

6. Ummm…see question #4 comment.

7. The family structure is really in complete chaos. Slave mentality conditioned us to function as “single mothers”. We STILL don’t get it. Morals have gone out the window. Have you seen “Sixteen & Pregnant” or any other “reality” show? People don’t really seem to care about what is right/wrong. I just want my 15 minutes of fame – at any price? I was almost 30 when I had my daughter. My mother didn’t really even talk to me until after she was born. Talk about SHAMED. Needless to say, she is my 1 & ONLY child. No husband = no more children.