02/27/2013 18:33

My comment is more or less to what Joseph said. You some what have a point...we, women really should continue the things that "got" the man in the first place. However, if men and women would learn to truly communicate with one another, we may not have so many problems in the first place. I have been on both sides of this scenario. For the record, when women cheat, we usually don't have to lie to about our situation to get another man in bed with us. Most men do! (most). On the other side of things, I am a woman who does not tell my man "no". To anything! Yet, he still found the need to "step out".
The married woman is not at fault here. The married man and his 'clean up woman' are. When I was 'her' I was wrong! God honors marriage, and will restore the love and passion lost, IF husband and wife want restoration.
Anything worth having is worth working for. I'm just saying.