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War Cry

11/01/2013 11:15
War Cry               I’m sure you have faced a situation in life that caused you to either cry, hurt, be emotionally discombobulated, and yet and still releasing tears did not seem to work.  Have you ever heard people say that crying...


10/24/2013 20:57
Move               How long have you sat around dreaming of dreams that you have yet to put together and began working towards.  You say you need this and you need that.  This cost about a couple of hundred or I only make this...


10/10/2013 23:04
Emergency               In the natural life when emergencies arrive in our lives, the first thing that we do is one, either call a close friend or family member, or two, call 911.  I will venture to say that we feel most comfortable...


10/04/2013 07:44
How often do we go ahead, make moves, map and plan everything out saying to yourself “this makes sense, this is the best choice.”  How often after doing this do you really sit and listen to see if God is pleased by what you have done.? Many of us I believe want to live for God, and some even...

Labor Pains

09/26/2013 21:59
Labor Pains               Last week I had the opportunity to hear one of my favorite women preachers in the faith, Prophetess Janet Floyd deliver a timely word in Chicago to the people of God.  With this being the last blog that I...


09/19/2013 20:27
Have you ever prolonged something that you know God told you to do?  You took the time to prayer, fast and diligently seek God about a matter that you faced, God responded, and you delayed your response?  After God responded to your prayers, He gave you an answer and you talked yourself...


09/13/2013 06:29
          When I think of a child who needs help with something, they look up to their parent whether it’s a mother or father crying with tears in their eyes. As I thought about a child and how they ask their parent for help, even before they are...

Are You Contagious?

09/06/2013 05:47
Are you...

God's Way

08/30/2013 00:00
Gods Way   Think about all of the prayers that you have prayed, every request that you laid at the feet of our Savior, how many times you’ve said “Lord, have your way?” Now when I ask you this question, I mean how many times have you really meant it when you said, “Lord, have your way?” ...

Already Done

08/23/2013 07:34
Already Done         For the last two weeks I’ve heard many, and probably you yourself have declared, He turned it.  A dear brother in the gospel by the name of Tye Tribbett recently released his latest album entitled “Greater Than.”  On this album...
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