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Ms. Alexandria's Opus

Why are all the Black Kids sitting together in the Cafeteria?

06/19/2013 19:10
         Before I start my book review, I wanted to preface by saying a little something about myself.  When I read this book I had just gone through some things.  Different fields of life like...relationship, professional, health...and...

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5 Love Languages by Ms. Vicki Frances

02/26/2013 21:37
This is a special addition of Ms. Vicki Frances’ pick.  My book pick for the month is Gary Chapman’s “The 5 Love Language”.   In this life, many of us will have numerous types of relationships.  We have friendships, significant others, boyfriend/girlfriends, and other “types” of...

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Ms. Alexandria's Opus

Gang Leader For A Day

04/22/2013 19:28
Gang Leader for a Day         Is it right to see something is wrong and not do anything to help?  What if your help is defined by identifying the problem?  Is that valid “help”?  At what point is using others wrong?  This is what I left...

My First Love

02/01/2013 00:00
    My first love was reading. Even in pre-birth I was into books and spoken word. My mom and grandma had to read to me to calm me down. I was talking about this love with a co-worker when we decided to we needed to read more. You know, to stay smart and sophisticated. We...

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