Minister Moment

Minister Moment

Thanking God for New Normals by Minister Darryl Scarbrough

12/01/2013 17:05
There are seasons in life in which life drastically shifts.  We expect life to stick to this linear plan.  Then suddenly life skips a,b,c and zig zags to q.  In our amazement, and to some degree shock, we search for reasons and answers:   Why did this...

Rebroadcast of Rev. CeCe's Blog Talk Radio

10/23/2013 18:28
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we will have a special 90 minute show to be encouraged by survivors and remember the warriors that have transitioned. Special Guest Include :  Kim Collins /  Survivor and Author of the Book  War Wounds,  Special Prayer by Pastor Joseph...

Rebroadcast of Rev. CeCe's Blog Talk Radio

10/09/2013 07:30
Candid conversations about the government shutdown and the effects that are being felt be Believers. Special guest include Aamon Miller of Swansboro Baptist and Yolonda Williams of Fabulous...

Rev. CeCe's Blog Talk Radio

10/02/2013 08:17
Good Morning!!  It's time for the rebroadcast of Rev. CeCe's Blog Talk Radio show.  A continuation from Operation Save Our Sons!  She will have a panel of men sharing their testimonies and insight on Manhood & Ministry. Our panel includes Bishop Larry Stephens, Pastor Stephen...

Rebroadcast of Rev. CeCe Jackson Blog Talk Radio

09/24/2013 22:30
Our special guest will be Dr. John Guns heading up Operation Save Our Sons out of Jacksonville, Florida.  Operation Save Our Sons is a collective effort between organization to keep 10-18 year old male out of the judicial system and build healthy...

Rev. CeCe's BlogTalk Radio Show

09/18/2013 06:48
If you missed yesterday's show, here it is.  Special guest was a Board Member Diana Page-Lofton of Boaz and Ruth. Boaz and Ruth is a wonderful grass roots organization in the Highland Park Community of Richmond, VA whose goal is to rebuild lives and communities through relationships,...

Rev. CeCe's Blog Talk Radio Suicide Prevention Day

09/11/2013 06:16
If you missed yesterday's show on Worldwide Suicide Prevention Day! Look for someone today that you can encourage! Your love makes a difference! Never forget that!

Rev. CeCe BlogTalk Radio: Faith Vs. Fake

09/04/2013 06:54
Good Morning!!! Today's hot topic on Rev. CeCe's rebroadcast will be FAITH verses FAKE! You can listen to us on your computer, iPad or smart phone!

Rev. CeCe's Blog Radio Show: Issues in the Church

08/28/2013 07:53
Good Morning!!!  It's time for Rev. CeCe's Blog radio rebroadcast!!!  Today's Topic: Issues in the Church:

Rev. CeCe's Blog Radio Show: There is a Purpose in Our Pain

08/20/2013 21:57
Good Wednesday Morning to you!!  It's time for Rev. CeCe's Blog Radio show:  There is a Purpose in Our Pain:  

Rev. CeCe's Blog Talk Radio

08/14/2013 08:02
Good Morning!!!  Just in case you missed the show on Monday, here is a repost of Rev. CeCe's Blog Talk Radio Show.  Topic: Ethics and Integrity in Ministry:

Rev CeCe Jackson

08/07/2013 07:05
Good Morning!!!  We have a special treat.   Our own blogger Rev. CeCe Jackson started her own blog show!!!  Check it out:

Growth in the Valley Pt. 2

07/18/2013 06:58
Believers there is Growth in the valley (pt.2)           Do you remember your favorite shirt in the first grade? I think I remember mines only because I have a picture.  It was black, had this huge white pilgrim color, and the shirt had...

Value In Your Valley by Rev. CeCe Jackson

07/16/2013 19:45
Value In Your Valley               I shared with someone that sometimes God has to force you out of a comfortable place, into an uncomfortable place, so that in your new place you have enough room to receive all of your blessings! In other...

Your Light Within by Delores Sanan

06/25/2013 22:57
Your Light Within   One night while I was washing dishes, I looked out the kitchen window at the sky.  My attention was drawn to a very bright light.  My first reaction was that it was a plane, but then I noticed it wasn’t moving.  To my surprise, it kept getting brighter and...

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Pastor Ronald Alexander

06/09/2013 18:58
1 Kings 10:6-7  She exclaimed to the king, "Everything I heard in my country about your achievements and wisdom is true! I didn't believe what was said until I arrived here and saw it with my own eyes. In fact, I had not heard the half of it! Your wisdom and prosperity are far beyond what I...

Gomer Was a Hoe by Pastor Jerry Wright

04/29/2013 06:48
        I was at a class reunion and I noticed Billy and Annie were together as a couple.  Billy just didn’t seem to be Annie’s type.  Annie was loud and bubbly, the life of the party.  She told great jokes and had keen wit. She was of the few...

Baby Mama Drama by Pastor Jerry Wright

04/22/2013 06:24
Baby Mama Drama         “Father Abraham had many sons, had many sons had father Abraham.”  You know the song. Well Abraham was told by God he would have as many descendants as there were stars in the sky. Abraham was about 85 at the time.  His wife...

The Rest of the Story (Follow up to: Don't Let Satan Talk to Your Woman) By Pastor Jerry Wright

04/16/2013 20:36
The Rest of the Story (Follow up to, Don’t Let Sat Talk to Your Woman) Yes, Adam blamed everyone but himself for what happened in the Garden.  That’s a sorry Negro! “Lord it was that woman you gave me!” “Lord the Devil made me do it!”  “Lord it was you with the bright idea of giving me a...

Time to Detox by Rev. CeCe Jackson

04/09/2013 23:15
As we begin our sharing today, I want to be clear about the definition that we will use for the word toxic.  In brief, to be toxic or toxicity, (the act of being toxic), implies that something is poisonous or emitting a harmful substance that can prove to be detrimental if one comes in contact...

Don’t Let Satan Talk to Your Woman!!! by Pastor Jerry Wright

04/07/2013 23:54
        When God created Eve, Adam knew right away she was created for him.  He started to sing Etta James famous song before Etta James or Beyoncé’ were thought of – At Last!  He was still basking in his amazement when he named her, Whoa-Man....

That Girl is Poison: Toxic Relationships by Pastor Jerry Wright

04/01/2013 21:51
That Girl is Poison: Toxic Relationships         Did you know Samson had his eyeballs gouged out? That sounds terrible doesn’t it? What is worse is that he was set up by his woman, Delilah. Samson was truly blinded by love. It is so hard for me to feel sorry...

I Made it!! by Minister Teraleen Campbell

03/20/2013 06:46
        The first quarter of 2013 has proven to be eventful to say the least.  Within the past month, my beloved uncle had a heart attack and went home to be with the Lord.  My beloved Pastor, Bishop Alfred Owens, Jr. also had a heart attack, but...

Automatic But Not Automated by Delores Sanan

03/18/2013 07:23
I recall a time when telemarketing calls were actually made by people.  You’d get a call and a real person would be on the line. With the latest and greatest technology, there is very little human interaction in telemarketing.  I thought it had reached new heights when I received a system...

Power Belongs to God! by Minister Teraleen R. Campbell

03/12/2013 23:06
 I am so glad that I can state emphatically, that the Word of the Lord is true!  Not that I ever doubted, but already this week, I've been tested by a situation on which I praised and continued to believe God for change.  My beloved mother, who is a miracle in so many ways, having...

Get Back in the Game by Delores Sanan

03/09/2013 21:01
        The 14th chapter of Acts provides an account of Paul ministering in the midst of a great crowd.  The scripture indicates that “the unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned their minds against the brethren.”  Others present...

My Soul Looks Back by Minister Teraleen R. Campbell

03/05/2013 00:48
As we enter Women's History Month, my mind goes back to some of the She roes of the Bible who have shaped our history and impacted our lives even from afar.  I had the privilege of watching The Bible Series on the History Channel this past Sunday.  During the broadcast, one of my favorite...

Emptying the Half Full Glass by Delores Sanan

03/03/2013 21:00
Emptying the Half Full Glass           The question “is the glass half full or half empty” has been around for a long time.  Most often it is used to determine if an individual has an optimistic or pessimistic outlook about a particular...

I Love The Black Church by Minister David J. Seymour

02/25/2013 08:02
I Love the Black Church       As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I was born and raised in the church. I love church with every fiber of my being. The church has made me into the man that I am today. My life experience has taught me there are many forms of church, and I...

M.I.A. by Minister David J. Seymour

02/19/2013 22:44
M.I.A.         It is February, which means different things to different people. For some, it is the month when people express love more aggressively because of Valentine’s Day. For me. it is the month were the contributions of Black people are celebrated...

REAPING what you have SOWN by Rev. CeCe Jackson

02/18/2013 00:38
REAPING what you have SOWN           Believers, did you ever think that what you may be going through is the result of you REAPING what you have SOWN? If you sowed nasty seeds, you're getting it back! If you messed around in someone else's marriage,...

Who’s Your Daddy? by Min. David J. Seymour

02/10/2013 21:46
                                 Who's your...

Use What You’ve Got!!! by Min. David J. Seymour

01/31/2013 16:24
Use What You’ve Got!!! Matthew 25:14-30         There is no question in my mind that we live in a world of extreme competition. From the common everyday sporting event to the, “Keeping up with Jones’ “mentality of the Real Housewives of any City, our culture...

"Giving Under Grace, NOT Under Fire!” by Pastor Aamon R. Miller

01/28/2013 20:10
And, here we are. We’ve examined the Malachi text and all associated Old Testament texts regarding the tithe. So, where does that leave us? As I mentioned last week, I see and teach the 10% as an EXCELLENT goal, earmark, & threshold for us ALL to aspire to or even do more than! The principle...

"Removing the Nebulous Obfuscation" by Pastor Aamon R. Miller

01/21/2013 08:27
    My brothers & sisters, we cannot see what we cannot see. It's a simple concept; yet, very complex. Therefore, we must open our eyes. “Nebulous” = CLOUDY . . . “Obfuscation” = MUDDIED CONFUSION . . . So, let us NOW read Malachi 3:6-11 with clarity and without confusion. I...

“Call a THING a THING!” by Pastor Aamon R. Miller

01/16/2013 20:03
William Shakespeare penned the famous line in Romeo & Juliet, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” Ah, classic love . . . and love seen through rose-colored glasses. Juliet pined for her forbidden love, Romeo. And she exclaimed that his family...

“Get off my dude Malachi, Preacher!” by Pastor Aamon R. Miller

01/13/2013 22:46
Yeah, I hear you saying, in your best Kim Wayan’s voice, “Bet not NOBODY say NUTHIN bad about Brother Malachi Jenkins, Sister Jenkins’ baby boy!!!” Well, I have NOTHING bad to say about Malachi! I love that dude. LOL! But, in order to understand a text, we must INTERROGATE the text. Just like in...

"Get Yo hand Out My POCKET!" by Pastor Aamon R. Miller

01/07/2013 10:43
"Get Yo hand Out My POCKET!" The year was 1992. I was a Freshman at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. Spike Lee's movie "Malcolm X" debuted at University Theaters on Main Street and EVERY black student on campus skipped whatever classes he/she had to make our way to see this...
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Tithes & Offering

Sister C. Williams | 01/15/2013

Pastor Miller, I have re-read your text, and at first glance, I was truly ready to jump down your throat. Like, seriously, I had to pull myself back and not have an outer body experience. Thank God for the Holy Ghost, and the ability to discern the word of God. I agree with you that giving to the house of God definitely needs to be one in which you are giving freely and not out of obligation or fear. But more importantly, giving to the house of God becomes second nature. I think the teaching of the word needs to be clear, and not subjective. I think aligning the curse on the church with that of tithes and offering, will lead people to believe they should forgo it all together. I will like to see the message, more horned in. One thing I do not like is prosperity only messages, and not the forcus of stewardship and the sowing of seeds, and the truth promises of God. I look forward to seeing how you tie in your messages and what unfolds. I will wait before I state all my objections to the articles, and the message it conveys....

Re: Tithes & Offering

Pastor ARM | 01/17/2013

Thanks for the feedback. And thanks for being open enough to see that there is certainly more to come. :-) Stay tuned for a mid-week post tomorrow and several others throughout this month. Continue to interrogate the text!

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