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11/06/2014 13:02
Welcome Back.  Your Voice was missing.  Nothing like a test to reveal the ultimate testimony.Celeste

Investigate Yourself

11/06/2014 09:24
Good Morning,I know it's been awhile.  A lot has been going on.  No excuses honestly, just need a break from everything and everyone.  Well I am back and I got a lot to say.  This season is very difficult for me because I am reminded of this journey of starting Fabulous...

Life Lessons in the Movies Part 2

08/07/2014 21:00
               A few weeks ago my sister and I watched a movie entitled "Video Girl". The movie is about a woman from a small town becoming a video vixen after being noticed by a director.  She then moves to California away from...


08/06/2014 18:45
I believe if you really like the person, it shouldn't matter how long because that shouldn't be what's on your mind. If you really like the person you should be able to wait until they feel comfortable with it. To question them about it, or to try and pressure them is practically saying it's all...


08/06/2014 13:49
Good afternoon, this is a very good question you have asked. Personally, if I met a woman and developed an interest in her and in the process of getting to know one another, she informs me that she is practicing abstinence and is waiting until she gets married I would be more than willing to wait...


08/06/2014 13:44
When it comes to saving your self (abstinence) until marriage, you are not only keeping yourself "pure," but you are also staying pure for the one GOD has placed in your life for marriage. Many people don't understand what it truly means to save yourself. I believe in this 100% not because I am a...


08/06/2014 13:40
As a woman who has been celibate for 10, 12 (yrs)...heck I lost count. It is definitely an Achilles heel for men once they find out. Most say they can't wait until marriage because they need to know what they are getting. I say that's an excuse because what if you give in and you don't perform to...

Question #7 Please leave your name and email address

08/06/2014 11:18
MEN (well women can answer too if you want): If you meet someone and you like her, but she is practicing abstinence, how long could you wait? Would you be willing to wait a certain time period? What about until marriage? What are your thoughts on this?

Dating and Celibacy

08/04/2014 22:03
     I told myself that I was not going to write about this subject matter, but it seems it bares discussion. One of my Facebook Friends writes for another blog, and often on her wall list questions of the day. On this particular day, she posed a question from one of her...

My New Year begins in August

08/03/2014 21:31
     I don't know about anyone else, but August is a New Year for me.  Think about it.  If you have been in school anytime, August was the beginning of a brand new year.  Anything is possible.  Brand new experiences when August comes.  I remember the my...
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