Welcome to Fabulous Things!!! The New Millenium Bucket List.

Welcome to Fabulous Things.  My blog is here to save you from yourself.  This blog is for the goal getters and dreamers that are daily going after their promise.  I am also talking to the average Joe whose life has hit a rut, change has occurred, or life is flat out BORING.  Welcome, this blog is for you. Later, I will explain how this idea was birthed and the ups and downs of the "new normal". Now....let's get ready to be Fabulous. 


      December 25, 2010 at approximately 2:00am I received one of the worst calls in my life. The year was very interesting. A lot of people who I have known since birth seem to pass away young and old, but on this day nobody could have prepared me for it. My cousin, who always pranks me when he travels, has an unusual knack for contacting me at crazy times to wish me Merry Christmas. I woke up and laughed and said “Merry Christmas!!!!!” I said, “I finally beat you!!” Silence…. He said to me “It’s M&M” (that’s my nickname for my friend). My cousin said “He was killed in a car accident yesterday on his way home for the holidays…” I was strangely calm yet in denial. This could not be happening. We had plans. We made plans for the future. We made plans right after the holidays. We were supposed to grow old together… This could not be happening. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING TO ME???

       CHANGE…. That’s what happened. His funeral came on December 31, 2010 and January 1, 2011 my “new normal” started. What you don’t understand is that M&M was in my life since the 1st week I left for college. He was the 1st person I met. He had accomplished many great things and I was his side-kick friend. We went everywhere and did almost everything together. Every success or failure we faced together. No romantic love just a great friend that I talked with every day and now he’s gone. He knew everything about me. He knew exactly what to do when I was upset. After his death it was sooo lonely. It felt like no matter what everyone else tried to do, they couldn’t fix. I just hurt, then cried, then hurt some more. The Lord and I had many conversations because He was the answer. I wasn’t angry; I understood what the Bible said about everybody having an appointed time, but my M&M was precious to me.

    One day while being upset I realized that I was waiting for him to come and fix it like he always did… I started to get angry because he always fixed it, without me asking. Then the realization came. He wasn’t there anymore. I had to get up again. The other horrible realization was I was “that woman” that I thought I wasn’t. Have you ever watched one of those "Lifetime" movies where when the man dies the wife was clueless? She didn’t know how to do anything or where anything was. She was lost. Well….hello my name was “clueless and lost”. He was my scapegoat, the planner, my social life. He planned and paid for everything!!! Man, I didn’t know what I had. I didn’t know how to get tickets to function, I didn’t know how valet parking worked, I just didn’t know. I had to get up and move on with my life, while teaching myself how to make me happy.

    In retrospect it began my journey of Fabulous Things. For the next few weeks, if you are going through anything that makes you want to lie down and just die, I will help you get up again. From a great old gospel song “All you have to do is make one step and He will do the rest.” Your life begins today!!!


Proverbs 10:4


King James Version (KJV)

He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.



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September 11th Tribute

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I love the meaning of this Holiday!!  Come hang with us March 23rd-March 31st for the 7 Last Words of Christ and His Ressurection.  We have some awesome bloggers coming your way!!!  Be Fabulous and Be Blessed!!


02/21/2013 13:04

A new add

01/30/2013 21:44
So excited!!!!! My bookclub will be starting on February 1st by my girl!!! The new blog is entitled "Ms. Alexandria's Opus!!!!!" Stay tuned!!! Tell your friends to check it out on www.fabulousthings2010.com

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